Illustrated children’s book by a Vietnamese artist published in Japan



By Dang Khoa October 19, 2021 | 13:30 GMT + 7

Covers of the comic strip ‘Friends’. Photo courtesy of Kim Dong Publishing House

The children’s comic book ‘Nhung Nguoi Ban’ (Friends) illustrated by Vu Thuy Ngoc Ha was published by the Japanese publishing house Sunny Side.

The book, written by Japanese writer Aihara Hiroyuki and illustrated by Ha (pen name Dom Dom), was first published in Vietnamese by the Kim Dong Publishing House last year.

It has the calm brown bear representing the Japanese people and the brave cat Mun representing the Vietnamese, and tells how their friendship was forged after traveling together and gaining the trust of each other.

Hiroyuki is the author of over 100 popular Ehon (Japanese term for picture books) and co-monologues.

Dom Dom has illustrated many children’s books and comics, including “Hoang Tu Rom” (The Straw Prince) in 2017, “Cuoc Phieu Luou Cua Jenny O Vuong Quoc Ham Choi” (Jenny’s Adventures in the Kingdom of Gluttony) ) in 2019 and ‘Chuyen Nay Chuyen Kia’ (This and that story) in 2020.

She won the Scholastic Picture Book Award 2019 for “Co Be Tren Mai Nha Va Cau Be Ben Bo Bien” (The Girl on the Roof and the Boy on the Beach) from the American multinational publisher Scholastic, who also published the delivered.



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