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An upcoming comic will bring you back to mystery if that was your thing.

Entitled “Impossible Jones”, the comic is about a thief who makes a city believe that it is its protector. It centers around a thief with the new shape-shifting super power. As she learns, it’s easier to blind rob New York City if her police and citizens think she’s the only superhero standing in their way. But one misstep and his plans will go wrong.

“Impossible Jones” comes from writer Karl Kesel, known for his work on DC titles such as “Harley Quinn” and “The Adventures of Superman”, and from artist David Hahn, whose credits include “Batman ‘ 66 “and” Spider-Man Loves Mary Jeanne ‘.

In a statement, Karl Kesel said: “I am delighted that Impossible Jones is part of the Scout team – and even more delighted that they have made room for a ‘comic book pro’ like me alongside me. from some of the most exciting new creators and comics coming out today.I had a lot of fun playing in other people’s sandboxes – on Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad, Superman, Superboy, Fantastic Four, Spider- man, Daredevil, etc. rush to work on a book owned by a creator like IMP. It’s a wild ride, and it’s just getting started! “

The rest of the team includes colorist Tony Aviña, lettering from Comiccraft and editor-in-chief Nicole D’Andria, with a production by Joel Rodriguez.

The book is due out in September.


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