Indonesia Bank Customer Experience Management 2021 Study: Benchmarking Industry Excellence to Deliver Superior Customer Experience –


DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Indonesian Banking Customer Experience Management Study 2021” report was added to offer.

A study on customer experience management in the banking industry explores the customer experience among banking providers in Indonesia.

The study focuses on the critical factors that influence customer behavior throughout the three stages of their retail decision-making journey: pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase.

At each stage, the study assesses the key metrics that contribute to customers’ decisions to buy and deal with a retail bank as well as their preferred channels or points of contact.

Customer experience is the accumulation of a customer’s experiences throughout their journey with a supplier across functions, products, services and touchpoints.

This study adopts the proprietary methodology of the Customer Experience Index and the widely used Net Promoter Score metric to understand the dynamics between customers and retail banks in Indonesia.

The country continues to capitalize on the growing number of retail banking users in Southeast Asia as many individuals rely on banking products and services for personal and business purposes.

Main topics covered:

1. Research methodology

  • Research approach

  • Research Approach – Step by Step Overview

  • Overview of the research process

  • Sampling methodology

  • Quality data collection process

  • Sample Distribution – Main Bank

  • Sample demographic data – Age and sex of respondents

  • Sample Demographics – Main Products / Services Purchased

  • The publisher’s customer experience index

2. Executive summary

  • Customer Experience Management in Indonesian Banking in 2021 – Overview

  • Customer experience – Definition

  • Factors in choosing the primary bank

  • Factors for interrupting service with the main bank

  • Preferred channel in consumer decision making in banking

  • Degree of channel integration

  • Product / service recommendations by main bank

  • Overall IEC score by channel / touchpoint

  • IEC Score by Main Bank – Overall Experience

  • Promoter net score

  • Customer loyalty rewards

3. CEM Study – Indonesian Banking Sector 2021

  • Service interruption

  • Service interruption rate among primary banks

  • Most used channels for banking products / services

  • Preferred channels for banking products / services

  • Priority customer experience matrix

  • Customer frequency experience matrix

  • Degree of channel integration

  • Prioritize a superior customer experience and deliver on sales promises

  • Customer loyalty rewards

  • Proactive behavior of banks

  • Customer experience by channel / point of contact

4. Understand behavior throughout the lifecycle – Pre-purchase, purchase, post-purchase

  • Primary retail bank selection factors

  • Product / service recommendations by main bank

  • Channels used in the pre-purchase phase

  • Channels used for pre-purchase inquiries

  • Customer experience with touchpoints in the pre-purchase phase

  • Customer experience assessment in the pre-purchase phase by channel

  • Channels used in the purchase stage

  • Preferred channels in the purchase stage

  • Customer experience with touchpoints in the purchase stage

  • Level of satisfaction – Online platform

  • Level of satisfaction – Branch

  • Level of satisfaction – Mobile application and call center

  • Level of satisfaction – Sales agent and ATM

  • Level of satisfaction – Real-time messaging and Chatbot

  • Channels used in the post-purchase phase

  • Revisited channels for post-purchase inquiries

  • Channels used for post-purchase inquiries

  • Customer experience with touchpoints in the post-purchase phase

  • Post-purchase customer experience assessment by channel

5. IEC analysis

  • Customer loyalty and recommendation

  • Overall IEC score by channel / touchpoint

  • IEC Score by Main Bank – Overall Experience

  • IEC score for the branch

  • IEC score for self-service chains

  • IEC Score for Contact Center

  • CEI score for online channels

  • IEC score for mobile applications

  • Promoter net score

  • The publisher’s customer experience solutions

  • Customer experience – Definition

  • Integration of processes, people and infrastructure

6. Customer experience maturity model

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