Iron Man Merges With Venom In New Sideshow Figure


A grotesque new Sideshow figure grafts the Venom symbiote onto Iron Man and features a variety of nightmarish interchangeable accessories.

Artist Collection, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys have collaborated on a monstrous new figure that sees Iron Man being consumed by the Venom symbiote.

Inspired by the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom animated series, the new 1/6 scale figure features Iron Man being consumed by Eddie Brock’s favorite symbiote. Acclaimed Hong Kong-based artist James Khoo Fuk-lung brought his own unique vision to the figure’s design, which was then 3D translated by renowned sculptor Joseph Tsang and painted by Lok Ho. The figure measures 35 centimeters in height high and combines Iron Man’s metallic red and gold color scheme with Venom’s inky blue and black hues.

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The Venomized Iron Man figure features two newly developed head sculpts – a half Venom and half Iron Man head with light-up LED eye and a fully “Venomized” head – as well as two interchangeable protruding tongues. The arc reactor and the figure’s left palm will also have an LED light-up function. His arms and legs, partially made of vinyl, feature Tony Stark’s realistic blend of technology and Venom’s parasitic flesh. Matching interchangeable hands designed for Iron Man and Venom are also included.

An exclusive Special Edition is also available in select markets and includes an interchangeable Symbiote Sword to make Venomized Iron Man even more fearsome. Partial resemblance to the blade wielded by Iron Man in Avengers: infinity war, the symbiote sword blends Iron Man’s nanotechnology with symbiote shapeshifting to create a terrifying new weapon.

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The Venomized Iron Man Figure continues the Marvel tradition of imagining blends of their most iconic characters with sinister symbiotes. Marvel’s Spiderman premiered on Disney XD in 2017. The series was renamed Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom for its third season, which premiered in 2020, and sees Venom attempt to take over Earth with an invasion of symbiotes.

James Khoo Fuk-lung has been in the comics industry since 1978 and has been very influential among American and Japanese artists. Rising from assistant colorist to art director in the world of comics and illustration, Khoo’s most influential works include Buddha’s Palm, Drunken Master, Amazing Weapons, The 8th Copper Man in Shaolin and Dragon Lord. He then founded Dark Comics & Toys Ltd in 2012.

The Venomized Iron Man 1/6 Scale Figure and Special Edition Figure are available for pre-order from Sideshow for $425. Orders are expected to ship between August and September.

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