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Hi people. It’s that time again – we’ll be renewing the Cartilage Free Captain Fantasy Premier League once again at, just in time for the end of the transfer window and the start of Premier’s season. League.

You know how it works by now, but in case you didn’t, here’s an intro: you have a certain amount of money with which you ‘buy’ Premier League players and then choose a team each week. Points accumulate. You skyrocket in the rankings, followed by ???? and PROFIT.

Except there’s no profit because it’s not gambling for money. But you can still kick my ass because I invariably join every year and then forget I have a team at week 8.

And the winner? Well, you get NOTHING. HAVE A NICE DAY SIR.

This is a pool league, which means there is no head-to-head. If you want one of these leagues, keep an eye out for the comments, as I think there are a bunch of readers who have created one over the past few years.

Just a pro tip: this season is going to be really weird because we’re going to have about a month of games before the window closes, and the Winter World Cup is also going to wreak havoc on teams. Don’t forget that you have two “jokers” that you can play, which allows for infinite transfers if you ever want to completely overhaul your squad.

My team name: Pulbish or Perisic. Appropriate, right?

If you were in last year’s league, you’ve now automatically joined this year’s league, because that’s how it works. However, if you are new, you are more than welcome to join us. To register, go to, create an account (or log in) and join the Carty Free league with invite code rb9djv



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