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Prepare to see whales like you’ve never seen them before, like NatGeo Secrets of the whales, premieres on Disney + today – just in time for Earth Day.

The series, which combines beautiful photographs with moving narration, is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and produced by its producer Aliens and Avatar James Cameron. So what prompted him to make a documentary on whales?

“For me, it’s intelligence. It’s the manifestation of intelligence, and in the case of what we show in our films here, their culture, their social interaction, ”the acclaimed director tells ABC Audio.

“They approach the world in a very different way,” he adds. “They’re not trying to manipulate and shape it. They just live in peace within it and with each other. And I think there is a lot of wisdom we can learn from whales. I find them simply majestic, impressive, fascinating and enigmatic.

Secrets of the Whales also gives us a great insight into the man-made dangers these majestic creatures face, Weaver tells ABC.

“You see this big male orca trapped in a fishing line and he can’t come up to the surface to breathe… Not to mention all the garbage and plastic and stuff, still hunting,” she said.

The Ghostbusters actress says the four-part series also gave her a chance to get a big picture of the world.

“These experiences almost in each of the four between mother and baby and their particular calls for each other, their particular language, what they have lived together, going from one end of the earth to the other,” explains she does.

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