Just in time for summer: elevate your next barbecue in authentic African style


ORLANDO, Florida., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Springbok Braai Premium Charcoal brand has come to life with the announcement of its new premium, eco-friendly and sustainable charcoal and briquettes made from ethically sourced hardwoods. A Braai (Brr-Eyee) is a traditional Southern African barbecue that means good food, good company and a good time – the word ‘Braai’ is always guaranteed to put smiles on faces. South Africa. And now to all the backyard barbecues in America too.

Fueling a great charcoal revolution, the Springbok Braai is created from hand-harvested non-native Camelthorn wood to produce some of the finest charcoal in the world. Braai Charcoal and briquettes help clear the land of brush, allow native species to thrive, and provide a steady source of employment and income for local rural people in desperate need of work. Springbok Braai is available directly from the company’s website.

“I was born and raised in South Africa before immigrating United States,” mentioned Clifford MorrisFounder of Eco Char UNITED STATES LLC and the Springbok Braai brand. “I know the family tradition of the Braai BBQ experience very well. And it all starts with good, locally harvested wood to produce amazing charcoal. That’s what we’ve created here – in a sustainable way that helps both land and people.”

Springbok Braai: Characteristics of Charcoal and Briquette

  • Lights easily and quickly. Burns slowly and cleanly: low smoke and sparks, produces less ash.
  • Burns hotter for longer – much longer! Premium non-native African wood is extremely dense and consistently burns at high temperatures.
  • Requires less charcoal and smaller pieces than typical low density charcoals.
  • Produces evenly grilled food with a natural smoky flavor.
  • 100% natural – no fillers or chemicals. Springbok Braai uses only food grade starch as a binder in the briquettes.
  • Packaged in attractive, easy-to-stack, well-packaged hardboard boxes to significantly reduce jarring, breakage and waste.

“We take our commitments to sustainability and ethical sourcing very seriously,” Morris said. “Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), a global ecological and ethical standards organization, it is absolutely guaranteed that the Springbok Braai will NEVER be made with protected species or wood from the rainforest. And the FSC also maintains strict job protection standards, carrying out annual audits to ensure that these standards are being met.”

For more product information/updates and an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to expand the company’s reach across the United States and Canada, visit Springbok Braai online. Or follow them on social networks: Instagram.

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