Just in time for summer: Igloo expands its collection of retro coolers


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For many people who grew up in the ’80s and’ 90s, no foray into the outdoors (be it a breezy backyard picnic or a full-fledged family camping trip) was complete without a cooler. Igloo. Like boomboxes, Beating tiger magazine, and Otter Pops, the leisure cooler is one of the most iconic summer staples of the era.

Fortunately for the nostalgic among us, They are back.

Last month, for the 50th anniversary of the seven-liter Playmate cooler that inspired loads of spin-offs – you know, the one with the push-button on the side and a swing-out tent top – Igloo dropped eight combos of retro colors (like mustard and mint; jade, magenta, and neon yellow; and electric watermelon and aquamarine) taking inspiration from the aesthetic of the era they were launched.

Seems familiar?

Image courtesy of Igloo

If that wasn’t enough to kick off a groovy summer, the brand just released eight more pieces, including four- and 25-quart coolers, soft-sided lunch bags, one-half and two-gallon insulated pitchers, a sports bag and backpack. Choice coolers and fanny packs to keep your cruisers cool. They will also soon release a 36-liter family cooler, according to the website.

“You’ll find everything from our true classics – like our Barrel of Fun and Picnic Basket that we originally launched in 1992 – to portable beginners (like a totally radical fanny pack and gym bag) that also serve as a statement. old fashioned cool fashion, ”the website reads.

The collection consists of 30 products (some of which, like some colors of the Picnic Basket cooler, are already sold out). The collection ode to the good old days is even produced on the same machines and in the same factory at the company’s headquarters in Katy, Texas, where the originals were made.

We can’t tell you which color or cooler combination to get, but we can tell you one thing – it will be the hit of your whole summer. backyard bashes this season.


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