Just in time for Windows 11, Amazon AppStore will support app bundles



  • Amazon has revealed that it is working to bring AAB support to its AppStore.
  • The news comes a few weeks after the reveal of Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 offers support for Android applications through the Amazon AppStore.

Google revealed the Android App Bundle (AAB) format in 2018, splitting an app into multiple smaller files to reduce download and install size. The search giant has since demanded that all new apps submitted from next month will have to adopt this format instead of the old APK standard.

Oddly enough, the Amazon AppStore didn’t support AAB at all. But the firm has now announced in a developer blog post (h / t: GSMArena) that it is indeed “working” to support the format.

The company has not issued a deadline in this regard but has confirmed that this support is optional. This is in stark contrast to Google, which makes Android app bundles mandatory from August.

This decision, however, comes at a critical time for Amazon. Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update includes support for Android apps and uses Amazon’s AppStore as the app market of choice. Thus, Android App Bundle support is one less headache for developers who want to bring their apps to the Amazon Marketplace and Windows devices. If this format is not supported, developers should manually convert their app bundles to APK format before submitting them to the Amazon Storefront.

The news also comes days after Huawei insisted that Google’s decision to impose the AAB format would not hinder the development of Harmony OS. Still, we hope other app stores and repositories support the new format if they haven’t already.


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