Lady Loki Returns in Gorgeous New Defenders Beyond Marvel Art


Lady Loki returns in brand new cover art for Marvel Comics’ upcoming Defenders Beyond series from Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez.

Warning! Spoilers for Defenders Beyond #1 by Marvel Comics

Lady Loki is back in exciting new coverage for Defenders Beyond #1 by Marvel Comics, where the god of stories takes on one of their fan-favorite appearances. In new cover art by artist Lee Garbett, Lady Loki and her scepter pose for the new Defenders, including Tigra, America Chavez, Taiaa and Blue Marvel, as the team prepares to go on a mission across the space and time.

Loki is one of Marvel’s most transformative characters, as he is a shapeshifter capable of taking many forms. Thor’s gender-fluid sibling transformed into a female version of the villain called Lady Loki. Regardless of their form, Loki has always lived by the mantra “I am me. First. Last and always.” So no matter what gender they present, they’re still Loki. Their female form has reappeared in many modern comics, with Odin referring to Loki as his child “who is both son and daughter”.


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On their Twitter account, artist Lee Garbett (Captain Marvel) has shared their variant cover for the upcoming Defenders Beyond miniseries. Garbett, who worked on Loki: Agents of Asgard with writer Al Ewing, showed Lady Loki and her Defenders teammates. The gorgeous variant cover features Loki with her trademark broken crown as she stands in front of the newest Defenders Beyond team that will take on The Beyonder in Ewing and Javier Rodriguez’s new miniseries for Marvel Comics.

Seeing Lady Loki return to the cover art is always a welcome sight, as she’ll be part of a team following the events of Ewing and Rodriguez’s excellent exploration of the universe. Defenders: there are no more rules miniseries. In the new Defenders Beyond adventure, Doctor Strange will issue a warning from beyond the grave that will inspire new defenders of reality to come together. The new team includes a great assortment of characters, such as the ultra-powerful Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Galactus’ mother Taaia, the cat-like anti-hero Tigra, and, of course, Loki.

The five-issue miniseries will likely contain a few versions of Loki that appeared in Garbett and Ewing’s Loki: Agents of Asgard series – including Lady Loki. With Lady Loki leading the charge into the new variant pouch alongside his new teammates, it looks like the new Defenders: Beyond will be just as thrilling and epic as Ewing and Rodriguez’s original Defenders miniseries. Defenders: Beyond #1 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores July 20.

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Source: Lee Garbett’s Twitter

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