Legendary Creator Frank Miller Signs 3-Year Exclusive Appearance Deal With FAN EXPO North America Headquarters

Toronto, Canada, April 14, 2022 –(PR.com)– FAN EXPO attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet one of the entertainment industry’s modern giants as the world’s largest comic book producer announced today that legendary creator Frank Miller will appear at FAN EXPO events through 2024. Miller is scheduled to appear at MEGACON Orlando in May and FAN EXPO Boston in August 2022.

Miller, known for his work on iconic titles like The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Daredevil, Wolverine, 300, Sin City, Ronin and dozens more, will sign autographs, perform at special events, host interactive panels and more. These appearances will be exclusive with FAN EXPO outside of two industry events (New York City Comic Con and San Diego Comic-Con) and one event postponed from 2021.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the FAN EXPO community and meeting fans across North America,” said Miller. “FAN EXPO puts on some of the best events in the world, and I’m proud to join them.”

Miller became a professional comic book artist during his teenage years, working on a variety of assignments for major publishers including Gold Key, DC, and Marvel. Considered one of the most influential and award-winning creators in the entertainment industry today, Miller is known for his intense, gritty storytelling and gritty noir aesthetic across comic books, novels, and movies. He made his debut as a feature film director in 2005 with Sin City, the adaptation of his graphic novel. His work is credited with being responsible for the modern revival of the mature, comic book-driven storytelling that dominates mainstream pop culture.

“This is great news for FAN EXPO attendees,” said Andrew Moyes, Vice President of FAN EXPO Headquarters. “Frank Miller is truly one of the titans of the entertainment world, and what an opportunity for fans to be able to meet the man who influenced so many of their favorite comic book creators, characters and franchises. This is another example of how FAN EXPO continues to deliver unique, quality experiences to fans across North America. This is an example of FAN EXPO’s commitment to putting “comic book” back into “comic con.”

More exciting news from FAN EXPO will be announced in the coming weeks.

FAN EXPO HQ is the largest comic con producer in the world. Collectively, he welcomes nearly one million fans each year to FAN EXPO Canada™, MEGACON Orlando, FAN EXPO Dallas™, FAN EXPO Boston™, FAN EXPO Denver, FAN EXPO San Francisco, Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo, FAN EXPO Vancouver ™, Toronto Comicon, Dallas FAN FESTIVAL and Edmonton Comics & Entertainment Expo. In 2022, FAN EXPO HQ features six new shows previously hosted by Wizard World: FAN EXPO Chicago, FAN EXPO Philadelphia, FAN EXPO St. Louis, FAN EXPO Portland, FAN EXPO New Orleans and FAN EXPO Cleveland. The latest 2022 schedule of events is available on the website, along with up-to-date ticket information. Discover. To celebrate. To belong.


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