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THE TATTOO ARTIST HISTORY SPIDER WEB, who fought the laws that restricted his medium while pushing him into the realm of great art, died aged 78, Neil Genzlinger reports in the New York Times. In 1976, Spider (as he was commonly known) got a tattoo in front of the modern Art Museum so that he would be arrested and could test a city restriction on the practice. He lost the legal battle, but New York officially overturned the ban in 1997. Spider created intricate designs but also got into concept projects like one that involved tattooing a small X on 1,000 people and 1 000 X on one person. “The tattoo was only part of what he did”, sex therapist and artist Annie Sprinkle Told the Time. “He did sculpture, painting, drawing, performance, comics, video. His life was art.

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RENAISSANCE MAN. An album released this week, Earl’s Closet: The Lost Archives of Earl McGrath, 1970-1980collects rare recordings—by Hall & Oats, David Johansen, Warhol “Super star” ultra violetand others – who were found in the apartment of the eponymous record label boss, art dealer and prankster after his death in 2016. New York Times has a richly reported article on the obscure but influential McGrath, with stories of Mick Jagger, Ed Ruschaand Lili Anolikthe author’s biographer Eve Babitz. In the early 1970s, Anolik recounts, Babitz was focused on creating visual art, but when McGrath casually questioned a color she had used, she was jolted and “focused on writing.” , she said. “So we the culture owe a lot to Earl in a way.” [NYT]


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