Line it is Draw: August Sci-Fi Ladies


In this week’s The Line it is Drawn, our artists drew your suggestions for August Sci-Fi Ladies, with a spotlight on Ahsoka Tano

So every week I post a topic here. You answer them on the CSBG Twitter page (just write @csbg with your response), our artists will each choose one of your suggestions and I will post their designs here based on your suggestions each week. So each week you will have a new question and you will see the choices chosen from the previous week.

To be eligible you must follow @csbg when you reply – so go follow us then provide your response to the next question / challenge (all suggestions must be submitted by 8:59 PM Pacific Sunday).

Next week’s topic …

Our new Liners haven’t made this one yet, so let’s move on to another Line it is Drawn classic – draw comic book characters in the styles of classic newspaper comics!

Read on for the designs that were created thanks to the last question / challenge!

In honor of our own Axel Medellin’s August Sci-Fi Ladys, suggest a notable female sci-fi character and our artists will team them up with the sci-fi lady Axel has set for August 22, who is Ahsoka Tano.


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on who made the suggestion.

All copyrights and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners.

BigMike20X6 suggested

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette)

The art for this one is by Paul Shinn. Its website is here.

BigMike20X6 suggested

Ndnd of the planet Omicron Persei 8

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. here is his website.

BigMike20X6 suggested

Doc McStuffins

This drawing is by Kimberly Hinrichs. His website is here.

BigMike20X6 suggested


This drawing is by Morgan Blunt. Its website is here.

dansjostrom suggested

River Tam from Firefly and Serenity

Axel Medellin designed this one. Its website is here.

Futabakun and melodramatic1 suggested

Alita: the angel of battle

Seni Oyewole also made this drawing. here is his website.

JoeO39041761 suggested

The xenomorphic alien queen

Daniel Cox drew this one. Its website is here.

melodramatic1 suggested

Princess mononoke

This drawing is by Afizeth Art. Its website is here.

melodramatic1 suggested

Princess Nausicaa

This drawing is by Adam Star Ruvola. Its website is here.

Great job, everyone!

Alright, folks, go tweet us some suggestions for next week! And be sure to follow the rest of Axel August Sci-Fi Ladies!

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