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In a landscape crowded with dating contests, Netflix’s newcomer Love is blind hit the streaming service this year and went wild. For starters, the concept is that couples try to fall in love and get married before they look at each other – pretty wild as it is. Then there was the close to flu virality: Once this series hit social media, it really hit the nail on the head, and people couldn’t get enough of real-time commenting and speculating on them. couples entering and leaving the social experience. .

Not on the show yet? Here’s the deal: Fifteen men and 15 women start dating, having conversations, and looking for connections – all while being “blind” to each other’s appearance. They sit in “pods” and converse over loudspeakers, sometimes for hours. It wasn’t until a couple found love and got engaged that the couple would meet face to face, then they would immediately move in together and start planning their wedding, which would take place in the upcoming season finale. to be broadcast Thursday evening. So all in all, it’s pretty comparable to the wildly unrealistic course that TV dating shows are these days. For the final episode, five couples had come to the altar and had to decide if they would actually say “yes” to someone they had only known for a few weeks.

The cast gathered in Atlanta on Thursday night (where the show was filmed and most couples live) to watch the finale at a viewing party, and In the style was invited to join in the fun. But first, we polled our fans and subscribers with the burning questions they had in mind before the big event. As their lives tumbled down on the air, we got to chat with Kelly Chase, Amber Pike and Mike Barnett, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers to get all the answers.

The below contains spoilers for the Love is blind season 1 finale.

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Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

What happened: They have said “yes” and are happily married.

What you asked for: A lot of questions came up about Amber’s debt and her “makeup credit card”, some even wondering if “Barnett” had protected himself with a marriage contract, but she was quick to clarify. :

Amber: “Student loans are very common. I’m not sure if these people know the state of student loans in the US right now, but everyone has it, and what you didn’t see is that Matt had student loans as well. at the time. But we actually had the conversation that whatever debt we marry with will remain ours. I don’t want him to pay [my debt] for me, because it was part of my history before him, and therefore part of my responsibility. The only credit card I had was maxed out back then, because I was going on a TV show, and how do you prepare for that? Of course, I needed shampoos, conditioners, and skin care routines! [laughing] I might have exaggerated a little bit, but it has since paid off, and it’s something I use to help me build my credit. I usually only spend a certain amount each month; it’s not normally an exorbitant thing.

Many fans realized that it was about a year and a half between the time the cameras stopped rolling on the couples and the show’s premiere on Netflix. So how have married couples kept this under wraps for so long?

Amber: “Before the show aired, no one knew who we were, so we were leading normal lives. We made new friends during that time and we were like ‘yes we got married on a TV show’ , so there was a lot of trust with them! “

Barnet: “And we had to be very careful with the placement of the hands in the photos on social media, to make sure you couldn’t see that we had rings on our fingers.”



Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Kenny was unable to attend the viewing party, but Kelly spilled the tea.

What happened: They parted at the altar.

What you asked for: Fans really wanted to know why Kelly didn’t want to sexually “test the waters” with Kenny, since they had connected so emotionally.

Kelly: “Honestly, because I was in my early twenties, I was faster at making the physical connection with guys, even though we hadn’t really made the emotional connection completely. I had started a spiritual awakening journey for myself and wanted to do something that I had never done, and it was precisely on this experience. I had developed an emotional bond with Kenny, but the deadline was so short, so I just didn’t want to rush [having sex]. “

Of course, fans wanted to know if there were any wild moments that weren’t broadcast.

Kelly: “Yeah! We all did a cake tasting and dance class before our weddings, and that whole scene was cut. They let us do a freestyle dance during class, and I took out the worm and everything. world cheered me on and it was amazing, but no one got to see it!

Fans also wondered how awkward it must have been to break up with someone on your wedding day and have to go back to your shared apartment to move out.

Kelly confirmed that the couples had moved out of their apartments, so not only had they not seen each other several days before the wedding, but they also had no awkward moving drama.

People also really wanted to know if couples paid for their own weddings, or if that was covered by the show. According to the couples, they paid for their own wedding expenses, but the series provided the rings – each cast member had several options to choose what they wanted to present to their partner.



Another burning question? How long had the couples actually spent in pods talking to each other. And that’s a question the actors weren’t exactly aligned with: There was a wide range of answers, with Kelly Chase saying the longest was 1.5 hours and Giannina Gibelli saying five hours (Damian n was quick to correct it by saying that he thought there were only three). What is certain is that the first dates started at seven minutes and then the dating times increased as the number of people you were dating decreased. Also clear? The cast members lost track of time as they had those “pod dates” with the people they ended up connecting with the most. They all agreed that no matter how long they had it never seemed long enough.



Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

What happened: They parted at the altar.

What you asked for: Many fans didn’t think these two made sense as a couple and wondered how they ended up having such a strong connection.

Damien: “There are a lot of hits in there. When you come from different cultures, different backgrounds, even the fact that her main language is Spanish, then meeting your family and adjusting to it played a lot in our experience. I had to realize that [I thought there was] this ideal structure of what a man should be, and a man occupies that position and the woman should lean on the man, and [I came to realize] this is not true. I was okay with breaking down and crying, and discovered that being vulnerable can also be beautiful. And accept that a woman can be as strong as G is gorgeous, and therefore take the time to slow down and understand where your significant other is coming from and learn that we are not all defined by typical headlines in the world.

Giannina: “I never believed in labels or rules, and although we are very different people, we were able to express ourselves. There was a point where we said you were different, I’m different, and that’s okay.

Fans who watched the finale and saw how clearly these two love each other were very curious if they would reconcile after the show. Far be it from us to start rumors, but it was evident from watching the two at the party together that they share a very deep bond, and Damian’s response to your probing questions didn’t really appease them. suspicions about their status:

Damien: “We’ve come to peace with everything that happened at the wedding, and she and I are on good terms. You never know what the future holds, but for the moment we are on good terms and happy with the situation. “

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton

What happened: They said, “I want it” and are happily married.

It might not be fair to call them fan favorites, but one thing is clear about Lauren and Cameron: People loved watching their love unfold. With comments like “I stan them” and “Why must they be so perfect” abounding, fans really wanted these two to say “yes”.

So how did the wave of public approval feel?

Lauren: “The influx of people from all over the world has been incredible. It is so good to be able to cry for joy to the world! We are so blessed that everyone can support our love story.

Cameron: “The moment Lauren and I got engaged, there was a shift in my mind where I realized, ‘I have to do whatever I can to make sure that we can live our relationship and make it happen. altar in a healthy way ”. So now everyone and the support are amazing.

The couple have been married for a year and a half now, which leads to the same question: How did they live a married life before the show aired?

Lauren: “The show hadn’t been aired yet, so no one really knew who we were, so we could be completely normal, and luckily for us, really work on our relationship, deepen it and help it grow.”

And did the couple ever think they might be one of those who got married at the end of this social experiment?

Cameron: “Not really. I started out thinking it would be a fun adventure and wanted to keep an open mind about the process.

Lauren: “I certainly didn’t go into the hope of getting married, but I had an open mind and luckily I found a wonderful man and I’m in love!”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

At this point, Netflix has not confirmed any plans for a second season of the series, but with two successfully married couples and legions of addicted fans still finding their way to the finale, it seems likely that more Love is blind could be in our future.

Until then, tune into Netflix on Thursday, March 5 to watch the reunion show and hear more from the latest couples.


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