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SANDPOINT — The second edition of the Lake Pend Oreille School District’s monthly edublog, called “The Loop,” has been jam-packed with back-to-school information just in time for the new school year.

Since taking over as Superintendent in July, Dr. Becky Meyer has set several goals. Chief among these was improved community communication with more open lines of communication between parents and the district.

“The main thing about my first year is really increasing communication with everyone and making sure people feel involved and know what’s going on, that we’re transparent,” Meyer said. “So really increasing the communication [and] create avenues for people to make their voices heard.

To achieve this, Meyer has taken a number of steps, including creating the monthly edublog and hiring a communications officer, Kristin Hawkin, who oversees all district communications and is responsible for blog posting. .

“The LPOSD Loop is a tool to notify parents, community members, and staff of notable events and news applicable to the school district and its programs. I will use a variety of methods to provide information to the public through the edublog, including videos, stories, infographics, web links and images,” Hawkins said.

Launched in late July, the first edition of the blog gave readers a deeper look at the district and featured Meyer, Hawkins and the district office staff. Also in the July edition, readers can find an explanation of Meyer’s plan for the foreseeable future, news from the Panhandle Alliance for Education, back-to-school information, and information about another new Meyer initiative, District Safety Task Force.

Read the July edition of “The Loop” here; bit.ly/3cSuYth

Since posting the first and now the second blog, Hawkins said the success of the blog can be marked by the community.

“We received a lot of positive feedback. Specifically, readers expressed appreciation for LPOSD’s enhanced communications efforts,” Hawkins said.

The second edition, released in August, doubles down on back-to-school information and provides a more in-depth look at the DSTF, linking a video presentation of the group and explaining plans for the school year in more detail.

In the blog’s introduction, Meyer clarifies that safety is the district’s top priority for this school year. Outlining further steps that will be taken, the superintendent said parents and families should be prepared for new safety measures that stem from the task force’s preliminary findings.

These measures include all interior doors locked, all staff identified by badges and all visitors to the school will be required to follow suit by registering at the office and acquiring an identification badge.

The new blog also provides a deeper insight into district programs and shares good news such as Sandpoint High School has received a grant from Ting, a local internet service provider, which will fund SHS computer lab updates and more. Again.

“I really enjoyed learning about the many programs and people who positively impact our community through their interest in students,” Hawkins said.

To stay informed or to sign up to receive the blog visit; bit.ly/3qfts7S


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