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Digital workflows have proven extremely useful in streamlining and automating repetitive business operations, reducing errors and boosting overall productivity. Yahoo reports show that as the number of workflow management systems increases over time, more companies are able to automate repetitive tasks and move from paper-based processes to workflows. web-based digital workplaces, eliminating the need for manual data entry and human error.

This, in turn, dramatically improves your daily processes. Customizable workflows help you save time and improve operational efficiency, allowing your staff to cooperate more productively and agilely. More importantly, you can improve the management of your customer interactions and provide customers with convenient access to your business, with just-in-time support.

Moxo’s OneStop platform offers a secure customer portal experience that will help you streamline your business procedures through digital workflows.

Why are workflows important?

Throughout your interactions with customers, you begin to recognize the importance of workflows when implementing a digital automation system.

Digital workflows lay the foundation for increased efficiency around business processes. Therefore, you can significantly review, run, manage, evaluate and improve your business operations.

For example, there are instances where you frequently find yourself storing and maintaining customer information in an inefficient location. Without a platform that can manage and organize documents through digital workflows, you risk losing customers due to a disorganized approach to information and document management.

What is a Client Workflow?

A workflow is an established set of procedures for performing a task, such as the steps needed to complete the new customer onboarding process. Custom workflows will help you stay on track step-by-step and give each customer the right attention through your various business processes while automating routine tasks.

One of the most notable aspects of Moxo’s OneStop Customer Interaction Platform is the ability to structure customer interactions with a full suite of engagement features, including document and task management, messaging secure, digital signature, video conferencing, screen sharing, visual annotations, and more. Combined with customizable, customer-centric workflows, businesses can automate tasks to streamline day-to-day processes and increase efficiency, all within the same platform.

Superior management of customer interactions

Moxo streamlines customer interaction processes through digital workflows and improves customer convenience by providing all-in-one access to your business on mobile and web.

With this OneStop solution, companies can control the chaos associated with customer relationship management and eliminate disparate collaboration channels. The Moxo platform provides structure to fragmented customer interactions, a cutting-edge solution for serving customers in the digital age. The OneStop platform also streamlines customer engagement processes through digital workflows and gives you a centralized view of staff and customer interactions for comprehensive oversight of your sales teams.

An engaging and enjoyable customer experience is key to building customer loyalty. Moxo offers a OneStop customer interaction platform to streamline business processes through workflows and oversee customer relationships through an innovative digital portal experience. Delivered in an app and available on both mobile and desktop, the Moxo platform helps you deliver a secure and convenient experience to your customers. Some of Moxo’s key features and benefits include:

Main characteristics

  • Customizable workflows: Moxo allows you to create repetitive and sequenced processes with predefined client and internal user actions using interactive digital workflows.
  • Integrated interactivity: Your OneStop Client Hub is integrated with the best collaboration tools, enabling your staff to provide just-in-time support to customers. Moxo integrates document collaboration, video conferencing, digital signing, instant messaging and other interactive features. These features encourage your customer to do business with you, at their convenience, directly from their mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Configurable user experiences: You can deliver a tailored digital service experience to your customers with Moxo. Configure your hub to include a customer portal, customer-centric processes, business content, and robust integrated collaboration, delivered under your brand.
  • Ongoing customer interactions: Improve the speed of transaction workflows, review and approval cycles, and business throughput. Maintain a consistent record of customer interactions with progress monitoring, audit trails, virtual data rooms, and other tools.
  • Full monitoring: Take control of your customer connections and employee performance to ensure responsiveness. Moxo securely captures all interactions, providing an auditable digital paper trail. Create identifiers and interaction procedures to ensure a smooth flow of communication.
  • Auditing and security: Moxo is built with the best security and compliance features such as SOC III, GDPR and PSD2. Additionally, platform encryption and an auditable digital paper trail are designed to meet the strict compliance standards of regulated companies.


  • The all-in-one platform provides a workflow builder to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and boost your team’s efficiency.
  • Engage with your customers and provide just-in-time support with a comprehensive, integrated suite of interactive features.
  • Maintain control over customer accounts by closely monitoring customer interactions, key performance indicators, and internal staff performance.
  • Configure your hub to deliver a personalized experience by including customer-centric workflows, relevant business content, and comprehensive deployment choices offered under your brand identity.
  • With customizable workflows, you can automate the day-to-day operations of your business, freeing up your employees to spend time on other important matters. Eliminate bottlenecks, speed up business processes, and manage customer-centric processes from one place.
  • You get access to powerful interactive features, 360° monitoring, bank-grade security, auditing paper trails, roles and permissions, and more.

With the Moxo OneStop customer interaction platform, you can streamline customer-centric business processes through workflows and provide customers with a personalized and convenient digital experience, all under the same platform. Automate routine operations and create custom workflows that align with your business procedures. To learn more about the Moxo OneStop platform, book a demo today.

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