Marvel designer reveals a different look for the return of Abomination


When one of the trailers Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings confirmed the return of The Incredible Hulk’s villain, The Abomination, he came with the surprise of revealing that he would sport a slightly more precise look. The version of the character last seen in the 2008 film lacked some key traits seen in the pages of the Marvel comics, but now it looks like his mutations have continued and he has his ears pointy. Senior visual development artist for Marvel Studios, Anthony Francisco took to social media to share artistic concepts for the character’s appearance which appears to be a fusion of the classic Abomination with the version of The Incredible Hulk.

“Here’s an image that I was given the green light to share,” Francisco shared on Instagram. “This green guy who drew countless times during my high school years … because he always fought the Hulk lol. And I loved drawing the Hulk during my science class … actually I have drawn during all of my classes except for science haha, i wanted to listen in this class! “

Francisco went on to congratulate Destin film director Daniel Cretton, adding: “And the best part is I got to meet @destindaniel who is the nicest director I have ever met in this industry! Her energy is and her advice was so uplifting and much needed! “

The return of the Abomination in Shang-Chi was just the start of the villain’s time in the MCU spotlight as it was previously confirmed that star Tim Roth would reprise his role for the next one. She-Hulk TV series on Disney + (Roth also contributed voice work for Shang-Chi). Given the long time lapse between the Incredible Hulk and the Abomination’s current appearances, Shang-Chi seems to imply he’s friendly with Wong but also maybe still in jail, fans will be looking for answers about the villain and luckily they’re coming soon.

“I can say you will find out very soon,” said Destin Daniel Cretton. Cinema mix when asked about the future of Abomination’s MCU. “But I mean, I can also say that the decisions of whatever people are speculating about were big talk, and they’re there for a reason that I think will be revealed soon enough, I think.”

She-Hulk does not yet have an official release date, but will more than likely air on Disney + in 2022. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is now playing in theaters.


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