Marvel Studios hires storyboard artist Harley Quinn to lead mystery project


Liza Singer, screenwriter for DC’s Harley Quinn animated series, announces that she will work with Marvel Studios as a director for a new series.

Liza Singer, known for her work as a screenwriter for DC’s Harley quinn animated series, has announced that it has joined Marvel Studios as director for an upcoming mystery project.

The singer, who previously worked on animation projects for Warner Bros., Netflix, Titmouse and others, has announced that they have signed on with Marvel Studios to direct an upcoming unannounced series. The singer broke the news on Twitter, sharing what he could about the mysterious new project with an image of the Marvel Studios logo. They haven’t identified which property they will be working with, but expressed their enthusiasm for the new role, saying, “I’m so excited to share that I’m starting a new journey today as a director at Marvel Studios! It’s gonna be a great and special team and I feel incredibly excited. “

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In 2017, Singer developed storyboards for DC’s upcoming first season. Harley quinn, an animated comic book adaptation that explores the myth of Batman with Harley Quinn at the forefront of the story. The series, which ran for two seasons and the upcoming third season, garnered critical acclaim and immense popularity largely due to its artistic style and animation.

The singer was also a storyboard revisionist on another DC project, Dc superhero girls, and they produced storyboards for each season of Netflix’s fantasy comedy series Disenchantment. They recently took a look at directing, moving in late 2020 directing an animated series for Titmouse and early 2021 as supervising director for an animated short at RoosterTeeth. In addition, they have experience in freelance animation, illustration and writing for various media.

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The singer’s track record could give credit to speculation they might be working on Marvel’s next season What if…?, which Marvel began developing as early as 2019. However, Singer’s website specifies that the project is a “new” series still under NDA, implying that their upcoming project is a property that has yet to be announced at public. Their experience implies that the series will be animated, but even that detail has not been confirmed.

The continued success of What if…?, the Disney + animated series that explores alternate versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has confirmed that fans are eager to see more animated stories from Marvel Studios. Marvel executives recently revealed that they are expanding their animation branch by launching a new “mini studio” to produce more animated dishes. In addition to Singer, Marvel previously hired Sofia Alexander, creator of the anime-inspired fantasy series. Onyx Equinox. Even less is known about Alexander’s partnership with Marvel, but given his creative history, his new project is also likely to join Marvel’s growing animation sphere.

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