Megasealed Expands to Over 33 Franchises Nationwide


As the first Australian “shower repair and waterproofing” company to offer franchises in this niche sector, Megasealed is proud to celebrate significant growth with more than
33 thriving franchises across the country.

Megasealed has proudly led the way in cost effective and cost effective solutions for shower and balcony leaks, eliminating the need for tile removal.

Such significant growth in its franchise portfolio reflects first class practices, innovation and high quality service. Each year, Megasealed serves more than 18,000 showers.
and balconies in five states.

Megasealed’s success story began in 1996 when Jacques Courtin founded the company after discovering a revolutionary, unique and reliable form of sealants new to the industry, creating a culture of discontinuities and quilted alternatives. Megasealed celebrates its 25th anniversary in July and has continued to refine its formula to establish itself today as a company offering a unique, high quality product with excellent customer service that saves customers thousands of dollars. avoiding a complete renovation of the bathroom / balcony.

Megascellés Services Home owners, ministries, stratum management, real estate agents, senior care facilities and fitness centers.


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