Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass Tease Debuts on Netflix


Netflix and filmmaker Mike Flanagan team up again for new horror series Midnight Mass, which has been largely shrouded in secrecy since its initial announcement, although Netflix The Haunting of Bly Mansion Account shared a six-second teaser of the new TV series, which leaves us with more questions than answers. The initial tease was so enigmatic, in fact, that there was no direct confirmation that what fans were seeing was a glimpse of Midnight Mass, only for Flanagan to share the tweet himself while also hinting at the meaning of “midnight” in his tweet about the tease. Stay tuned for more details on the release of Midnight Mass.

“We used to be a community of hundreds. Now we are only dozens,” the captioned Twitter account wrote.

While sharing the video, Flanagan added the caption: “We’re getting closer to midnight …”

Naturally, the first thoughts on the tease were that Netflix was hinting at a new season of The haunting series, but Flanagan has already confirmed that there are currently no plans for a new season of the series, largely due to his occupation not only with Midnight Mass, but also the adaptation of Christopher Pike The midnight club.

While the two The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Mansion were inspired by other works, Midnight Mass will be an original story, which Netflix has described as “a community [that] knows miraculous events and fearful omens after the arrival of a mysterious priest. “

The new series will have no connection with his The haunting series, but Flanagan is known to recruit actors to collaborate with on a regular basis, although the star of The haunting series and Gerald’s game Carla Gugino has confirmed that she is not currently collaborating with him on anything, but looks forward to the horrific stories he will deliver to fans next.

“I’m not attached to what [Flanagan is currently working on], but we really, really love working together. So I think, yeah, I’m excited for what we’ll dig into next, let it be another Haunted or something, ”Gugino confirmed to ComicBook.com. “I think it’s always so hard, as an audience, and I understand, because I’m an audience for things I’m not, and it’s hard because you love – – you invest yourself and you like these things. But I think the thing we should also remember, in terms of support and enthusiasm, is, for an artist, if you look like [Bob] Dylan or anybody else, if you look at any great artist, they’ll always have to be like, “Okay, now I’m done with this chapter because I want to stay awesome and keep doing it. ‘to improve.” You know what I mean? Whether he’s finished or not [with The Haunting], I don’t know, but I think whatever happens, if there wasn’t a third, it would be because he thinks the sequel is better. And if he can make this one great, then that will be the thing. “

Stay tuned for more details on Midnight Mass.

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