More People Want Media Franchises in the Metaverse, Study Finds


Maybe the next slice of “Jurassic Park” will be in the metaverse. It’s a possibility that some consumers are hoping for as the next generation of virtual gets more attention.

What did they do: UTA and Vox Media produced a joint study on the Metaverse, which they presented at VidCon on Thursday.

  • In May, they surveyed a nationally representative sample of 4,050 Internet users, aged 13 to 56. They partnered with The Circus, a data storytelling consulting firm.

What they found: One question asked people to consider franchise IP in the metaverse, versus a traditional format with specific media types.

  • For video games, around 49% of people would prefer to discover the brand in the metaverse, rather than seeing a new opus (sequel, prequel, spinoff) in the traditional format.
  • While the majority of consumers chose traditional formats, each type of media had a significant share of people interested in the metaverse.

What they say : “This idea that consumers are more primed for different types of distribution models or innovative distribution of content should be extremely exciting for people in my industry,” says Shelby Bier, marketing analyst at UTA.

  • “It represents new opportunities. It gives a lot of energy [for the metaverse]”, says Edwin Wong, senior vice president of ideas and innovation at Vox Media. “That’s where the consumer leader is.”


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