Naruto Creator Honors Series 20th Anniversary With New Art



Naruto’s twentieth anniversary proves that the story of the Hidden Leaf Village has resonated with Shonen fans for quite some time, and creator Masashi Kishimoto has shared new art to help ring the occasion. With the manga and anime playing a major role in this year’s Jump Festa, the franchise clearly shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as the next generation of ninjas have taken the reins as the threat from the Kara organization keep on going.

The stories of the anime and manga for Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto diverged, with the TV series exploring Chunin’s exams and set to tell the story of the newest member of the Uzumaki clan becoming an official ninja in the ranks of Konoha. In the manga, the battle against the Kara organization continues as the young villainous Code attempts to exact revenge for the loss of his master Jigen. With the final chapter revealing that Boruto and Kawaki have a lot of tricks tucked up their sleeves, it looks like Kishimoto is about to continue revealing some heartbreaking moments as the manga continues.

Twitter user Abdul_S17 shared Masashi Kishimoto’s new sketch, as well as a sketch by his assistant turned serial artist Mikio Ikemoto to help celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the popular Shonen franchise that shows no signs of stopping. so early :

The next generation of ninjas in the Kishimoto series may not have had to deal with people like the Akatsuki, but the Kara organization has proven to be a terrifying new threat to the ninja world as she seeks to accomplish what her wicked predecessors could not. One of the major events that Masashi did when he became a writer was the elimination of the Nine-Tailed Fox following the battle with Jigen, with the Seventh Hokage no longer able to rely on the power of the known being. under the name of Kurama.

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