Netflix abandons Jonas Brothers Family Roast just in time for the holidays


Image: Gizelle Hernandez / Netflix

Netflix dropped the stars Jonas Brothers Family Roast comedy special just in time for the holidays.

Hosted by Kenan Thompson, with guests including Pete Davidson, John Legend and all of JoBros’ wives, the previews look funny as hell.

Like many modern horror movies, however, the best bits can be shown in the trailer – so maybe no spoilers ahead.

Take, for example, this clip of Game Of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner – AKA Ms. Joe Jonas – Absolutely Goes Ham On Her Husband:

“Let’s talk about the purity rings,” she said.

“For those of you who don’t know, the purity rings are worn to demonstrate that you are abstaining from premarital sex and the Jonah brothers, they all had them.”

She goes on to “set the record straight”, confirming that rings were not a good idea.

“Yeah, as a gesture they’re ridiculously lame on the toes,” she said.

“But remember it was more than a gesture… Look, Joe Jonas didn’t just put his fingers in silly metal rings, he put his fingers in co-stars, actresses and even a model or of them.”

Comparing the rings to a modern day Cinderella tale, Turner goes on to say that Joe has finally found the right finger for him.

“And it’s also like Cinderella because most of the girls he tried it with were under contract with Disney,” she concludes.

Pete Davidson’s cameo is understandably hilarious.

“Oh, I’m a huge fan,” Davidson told host Thompson.

“I listen to the Jonas Brothers every time I’m in a supermarket.

He goes on to joke about the legitimacy of Nick’s acting.

“I mean, show some respect, okay. Nick is a legitimate actor now, ”he says.

“He won everything from a Children’s Choice Award has a Teen Choice Award. “

Turner also pokes fun at her husband Joe’s acting skills.

“” I said when I started acting that I would never date an actor, and after seeing Camp Rock 2 I knew it was safe to go out with Joe, ”she says.

John Legend also shows up for a little musical roast, singing them a little song called “You’re Not Quite The Beatles”.

Fan reactions so far have been mixed, so this roast may be undercooked.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast is on Netflix now.


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