Neverland Hypes Dune Promised Artist with Special Poster


The promised imaginary land has closed shop, but the manga creators remain busy. This means that artist Posuka Demizu has a lot going on right now and his latest commission has gone live. Not so long ago, the artist shared his take on Dune before the film’s release, and it looks like the director is all pissed off by the gift.

As you can see below, Demizu posted his take on Dune for the world to see. The gorgeous piece puts Paul front and center as DuneThe lead is to don armor with a knife in your hand. In the background, fans can find characters from House Atreides. The group is also joined by Vladimir Harkonnen as well as a huge sandworm who would no longer like to nibble on these heroes.

(Photo: Posuka Demizu)

The poster was produced to celebrate Dune, and Demizu said that they had already had the chance to see the movie. The artist praised the intensity of the film, saying, “There are so many tense scenes one after another that I didn’t have time to breathe. The different culture on a planet alien is hauntingly portrayed – the pulse of a small family in the middle of a vast desert. “

Demizu is not the only one to have left a comment on this piece. Denis Villeneuve, the director of Dune, also shared his thoughts with fans. Turns out the filmmaker is a huge fan of this play as he said he was impressed with the work.

“I can see Demizu preserving the characters and the spirit of the film while making them their own. I can feel something special about the way the drawing uses gravity; I think it’s very beautiful. Very poetic. It’s very humbling for me when I see how other artists feel about the “image” of my work and how they reflect it in their own work. I think it’s a beautiful gift, ”Villeneuve wrote.

Obviously, creatives now have a connection through Dune, and fans of The promised imaginary land love this combo. Now, internet users are just waiting to see the sci-fi epic for themselves. Dune is slated to hit theaters in the US on October 22, but it will go live in Japan on October 15.

What do you think of this special crossover? Do you think Dune would do well with his own manga ..? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.


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