New Mutants # 19: KARMA IS AB….!


HISTORY: Good for Gabby’s fate, let’s put that aside for now. All I can say is that there will be consequences. First Mystic and now this. Well done Vita for proving once again that he is one of the heavyweights in terms of pace and plot, making New Mutants a major title in all things X. With the loss of X-Factor this month Here, this title is going to be the forefront of what we see coming for the mutants of Krakoa. Judging by Cosmar’s response, the kids will feel utter guilt and it might avoid the hypocrisy issue she might have with Dani. But will that mean that they will wake up from their blind faith? And Laura’s discovery of the letter at the same time was quite relevant, the last lines of the letter in the text page bringing back the tragedy all the more. And it’s even clearer that the handwriting is shaping up as we enter Amahl Farouks’ dialogue, all the while visualizing Warlock facing similar feelings of abandonment.
This was skillfully done and perfectly informed the patterns of the interconnected narratives. And yet, that didn’t take away from the struggles Warlock faced. For the first time in a long time, I felt like we were getting into his head and understanding the way he deals with his attachments, before we heard from Farouk, not Warlock or James. And Warlock asking James for advice was also great in terms of allowing both to interact with a teammate that we don’t normally see him communicating with and also allowing us to make contact with James and his own abandonment and loss of his. brother he also idolized. In just a few panels, there is an intimate common thread between James, Warlock and even Amahl. And that almost puts the infamous former possible villain on a level playing field in terms of motivation.
CHARACTERS: As such, everyone has played their role to perfection in this matter. Not only the “lost” boys, but also the girls. Rahne’s deviation in her conversation with Dani was both heartbreaking and haunting to watch. The way she stayed in wolf form to me showed she was hiding something. But in this form, is Dani surely more in tune with her? Whatever the reason it showed she was dealing with things below the surface. First mocking the grandeur of the Gala (a slight regression to her first incarnation when she felt scandalized by the opulence and frivolity), then pushing back Dani’s request for discussion by telling her to stay at the party and to have fun. But whatever happens, Dani won’t be fooled for long. And when the truth comes out, will Dani play her part? For me, the crown has to go to Karma though. For her moves alone (on Barry the artist and Illyana), I absolutely loved the way she shot him and in the blink of an eye switched to flirting with Magik and then Mirage. I also think it’s safe to assume that the leg review may end now, or at least I hope so. I said in the last issue that was on purpose and it definitely is. And the way she made it clear that Barry was lucky to get away with it, just because he wasn’t important enough, was glorious.
ART: So we had a major change in the art of this number and I have to say that while I generally like the way Rod carries Sienkiewicz’s style to perfection, it was a refreshing change to see the characters portrayed. in a clear departure from this style, especially in a historical question. Alex Lins and Matt Milla team up to fill in well here and make the story their own. Not only in the bold pencils and defined strokes, but also in the distinctive look of Karma and Warpath in full gala attire. And not to mention the change in appearance of characters like Rahne. I don’t think I’ve seen her so cute for so long. In her wolf form, she can be seen as fierce or just in transition. So this (forgive me) Cockapoo / Terrier visual disarmed me to the point where I felt it was done on purpose, to maybe give an innocent “who me?” Feel his conversation with Dani. Another tool she uses to distract Dani from what’s really going on. The artistic team also gives a great dynamism to the party, with a who’s who of the guests, without overloading the interactions. And I always love a wide angle visual of a party scene. With Dani and Warlock working the room, spaced a bit of Nightcrawler teleportation apart, the energy of the scene was playful and meant your eyes were naturally pointing in the direction of the action and dialogue.
All topped with a cover of Martin Simmonds which still allows us the luxury of the Sienkiewicz school. To use it to perfection and not to reveal anything of the history, while specifying that it is about a tale centered on Gala. Because let’s face it, there was a lot to be done in this problem. My only little problem? Characters! When Warlock has a heart to heart with Warpath, we see his iconic speech pattern, speaking for himself in the third person. But at a critical moment, he breaks with his usual description of friend and says “Doug didn’t have time for me”. It is a cardinal sin as far as the Technarch is concerned. It could have been the script and not his mistake, but it’s at a critical point in the story and so it took me a bit off the stream. I have to say I’m a little ashamed of myself for going after Travis here because his work is generally stellar. Not just in the basic scripts, but in the way it skillfully fits into the style Rod Reis normally works towards and helps maintain the book’s unique identity, as the two blend together perfectly to inject the Bill Sienkiewicz flavor. Paradoxically, it is a pure testimony of a scholar if his work goes unnoticed. If that doesn’t surpass the efforts of the artist and the writer, it means that he is doing his job perfectly. So I think the job must actually be a difficult and thankless task. And so this little mistake is easy to forgive, because so often it manages to add a touch that adds spice to the thing. For example, in this issue he again visualizes the emotions of Warlocks with Emojis, which was both fun and informative.


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