New rodeo bike path fills void in high-demand area

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HOUSTON – Rodeo Houston should be ready for a lot of bike traffic in 2023 because when this project is complete, anyone who can get to Brays Bayou will be able to ride to NRG Park.

Here is what it is:

  • This bike path was announced in March just before the start of this year’s rodeo season, but the project did not reach the finish line.

    • “Last year BikeHouston approached the city of Houston looking for a better way to get people to and from the rodeo. They couldn’t get something built in time for the rodeo of the last year, but told us there were plans underway to improve the right of way for people on bikes descending from Hermann Park and Brays Bayou along Almeda to NRG Joe Cutrufo with BikeHouston has declared.
  • The idea is to avoid all the rodeo car traffic by hopping on a bike and riding straight into all the fun at NRG – all while staying safe.

  • The City of Houston Planning Department and Harris County District 1 have partnered to create this new bike path connecting Brays Bayou to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to NRG Park, but also to increase safety. Remember: we are still in the same general vicinity of the medical center, which is a fairly dense part of Houston.

How it will work:

  • The new bike lane will be built into the existing sidewalk for a more efficient process.

    • “So really, they’re just taking the right-of-way from the existing sidewalk and widening it about five feet,” according to Cutrufo.

    • “If you are coming out of Brays Bayou and want to go somewhere south of there like NRG Park you have very few options as many of the intersections around are north and south of Braeswood are really busy , really dangerous. The direction to take by bike is not very clear, there are very few safe cycle paths in this part of the city,” according to Cutrufo.

When will it be finished?

  • Again, people can expect to see this new bike path in action by the end of this year, just in time for the start of rodeo season!


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