Nintendo Switch and Fujifilm printing app launched just in time for new Pokemon Snap


Fujifilm is launching a new app and accessories for its Instax Link photo printer for Nintendo Switch users, just in time for the New Pokemon Snap wildlife photography game. The new app will launch on April 30, the same day as the game.

The new app will connect to your phone, allowing you to capture and frame screenshots of your Nintendo Switch console and print them out using the Link printer. You can select an image from your Switch gallery, scan the QR code with the Instax mini Link app for Nintendo Switch to import it, and then choose how to crop it. You can also decorate the border elements with themes and frames based on Super Mario, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and New Pokemon Snap. Then you can attach it to the Link printer to get physical copies of your photos.

In addition to the app, Fujifilm is adding a new Link printer color called “Ash White (Red & Blue)” as well as a Pikachu silicone case to go with it. These accessories will also launch on April 30. These are not yet available for pre-order, but we expect them to sell out quickly.


New Pokemon Snap follows the classic N64 released in 1999. Instead of fighting Pokemon, you explore their natural habitats and try to take great photos of them displaying their natural behaviors like playing or sleeping. For more details, check out our new Pokemon Snap pre-order guide.

The Instax printer is part of the Instax line of instant cameras and printers from Fujifilm. It is very possible that parts such as movie mini packs will be harder to find if the Snap feature gains popularity, you may want to stock up now.

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