Oklahoma Joe’s Pork Butt World Championship


Joe Davidson from Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue has joined us in the kitchen area and he’s going to show us how to make his world championship pork butt just in time for Remembrance Day.


1 piece of pork 7-10 lb A 12 ounce bottle of spicy brown mustard 6 ounce bottle of Oklahoma Joe’s Hog Rub


· Light your Oklahoma Joe’s smoker or grill according to the manual.

· Be sure to light the fire next to one side of the grill or in the firebox in order to cook with indirect heat.

Generously rub the mustard all over the buttocks

· Apply Hog Rub seasoning liberally.

· Once the charcoal and wood are ready to cook, add a few pieces of wood to the fire.

· Bake the ass (unwrapped) between 250 ° F and 275 ° F using indirect heat and smoke for 4 hours turning once. Make sure the butt is positioned away from the coal bed, near the fireplace. Add charcoal and wood as needed to maintain cooking temperature.

· After the stock has cooked for 4 hours, wrap it in foil.

· Continue to cook for about 4-5 hours at 275-300 degrees until it has reached an internal meat temperature of 190 or higher and is there for 1 hour. It will really make the buttocks tender.

· Remove the butt from the stove and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour before pulling and serving. The easiest way to pull pork is with two pairs of tongs. Remove the scapula then pull the pork. It’s like throwing a salad with tongs.

· Make sure the butt reaches a minimum internal meat temperature of 190F.


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