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I remember reading Robert kirkmanletter to fans in the first paperback of The walking dead. He wrote that he envisioned the series as the answer to a question he had about zombie movies: What happens after the end? The letter essentially told readers that The walking dead would run indefinitely, spanning Kirkman and the artist Charlie adlardthe answer to this question every month. Years have passed, however, and the end has come. The walking dead the current comic book series is over. The successful comic-book-based television series will also come to an end after an eleven-season long streak next year. With multiple spinoffs from the TV series and now a full color comic book release, there is indeed still a lot to go for. The walking dead fans to anticipate. Meanwhile, back issues of the comic remain of major interest to fans. Right now, fans can head to Heritage Auctions to bid on a sketch cover of The Living Dead # 115 with original artwork by longtime artist Charlie Adlard.

Charlie Adlard The Walking Dead # 115 Blank Cover Sketch Variant Michonne Art Original.  Credit: Heritage
Charlie Adlard The Walking Dead # 115 Blank Cover Sketch Variant Michonne Art Original. Credit: Heritage

Michonne adorns this ten year celebration cover variant “Cover L” in a fantastic photo by artist Charlie Adlard. Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano provided the interior art. Charlie Adlard Overstreet 2020 NM Blanket- value 9.2 = $ 8.

Original art by The walking dead‘s Charlie Adlard shows Michonne, one of the definitive breakup characters not only in the comics but also in the TV show. Michonne, as described by Danai Gurira, is one of the most iconic genre figures of the last decade. You can now bid to own this cover featuring Michonne by Adlard, who originally designed it in The Living Dead # 19 for its first appearance. This is truly one element that fans of this franchise won’t want to miss.

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