Paysafe improves betting preferences for high stakes players on Skrill USA


paysafe (NYSE:PSFE), a specialist payment platform, has launched a new program for its Skrill USA digital wallet that caters to the betting preferences of high-stakes US online gamblers. Building on the recent Skrill USA product upgrade, the new program, which was first rolled out with the PlayUp United States sports betting, offers registered players the highest limits in the US iGaming industry to instantly fund a deposit.

PlayUp USA, which operates online sports betting in Colorado and New Jersey, was one of several operators to upgrade its Skrill USA integration in Q4 2021, when Paysafe rolled out the revamped digital wallet to support supports instant deposit and payment funding. Now PlayUp USA becomes the first US iGaming brand to offer Skrill USA’s new VIP Player Program.

The launch of the program sees Skrill USA and PlayUp USA seek to better serve the betting needs of VIP players, with digital wallets being the preferred payment method for high-volume online bettors (7+ bets per week), according to iGaming research American Paysafe 2021.

Once a PlayUp USA sports bettor is onboarded into the VIP program by the operator and Skrill USA, the single transaction limit for an instantly funded deposit is increased to several hundred times the standard limit, depending on individual KYC verification .

After joining the program and linking their bank account to their Skrill USA account, a player can make an instant deposit up to their pre-agreed limit, with funds fully guaranteed to PlayUp USA by Skrill. Unlike bank transfers, Skrill USA Instant Funding can be done 24/7, including weekends. Deposits are fully automated, although registered players are assigned their own dedicated Skrill VIP Account Manager.

VIP players can withdraw their PlayUp USA winnings to their Skrill USA account in real time, and they can be transferred directly to their linked bank accounts.

Skrill USA is currently rolling out the VIP Player Program to its US operator customers.

Zak Cutler, CEO of iGaming North America at Paysafe, said, “As part of our transformation of Skrill USA into the go-to digital wallet for US iGaming, we are thrilled to launch the VIP Player Program with the innovative PlayUp USA brand. in front of a wider exit. With VIP players preferring digital wallets over all other payment methods, we are confident that our program and product upgrade will make Skrill USA the preferred wallet for US operator VIP customer segments.

Kevin Black-smith, Director of Marketing at PlayUp USA, said, “We take great pride in caring for our VIPs and being able to onboard them quickly once they pass our due diligence protocols. Having a platform like Skrill USA allows us to have very little friction in the deposit process with our VIPs while being fully compliant with the regulatory standards in place.

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