PCB, franchises commit to follow strict Covid protocols


KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finalized the plan for the HBL PSL-7 which is expected to start here at the national stadium from January 27.

In order to deal with the Covid issues, strict protocols have been agreed upon by the PCB and the franchises. It was decided to complete the event within the specified time frame of one month.

According to the protocols, a three-day quarantine period will be mandatory for everyone associated with the country’s flagship event. And players and officials will only be allowed to appear in the PSL after completing the post-quarantine PCR test.

Associates will enter quarantine from January 20. In the event of a positive case, the infected person will be placed in isolation for ten days. This was decided at a meeting between the PCB and franchises in Lahore on Tuesday.

No individual listed in the PSL will be allowed to keep their family. A minimum of 13 players will be required for a team and in case of fewer players the match will not be possible.

In the event of significant positive Covid cases, the event will be postponed for seven days and will be rescheduled. And then the number of matches each day will be doubled as the event will have to be completed within a month due to Pakistan’s heavy international commitments.

A reserve of 25 local players, not selected in the main and additional draft, will be formed from which teams can choose players if they need them.

Players in the reserve pool will also enter quarantine starting January 20 and remain in the bio-secure bubble throughout the event.

In the first leg in Karachi, 15 matches will be played. In the second leg in Lahore, 19 matches will be played.


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