Peloton’s husband on that hated ad: “It’s not who I am”


Update: “Husband Peloton” actor Sean Hunter confessed in an Instagram post that he made the same purchase for his significant other in real life. In an accompanying photo, Hunter and his girlfriend Cassidy Baras appear happy and at ease. “I hope it goes better the second time around,” said Hunter. a CBS News report, wrote in the message.

Talk about negative spin.

A dream gig and a breakout role for an aspiring actor turned into a PR nightmare.

We’re talking about the ‘husband of the peloton’, or the almost universally vilified PTON man,
2019 holiday ad who buys his wife a $ 2,000 exercise bike for Christmas.

The 30-second clip shows the woman – already by all appearances slim and fit – documenting her year-long fitness journey in selfie mode, before playing a compilation of her workout videos for her husband . The woman appears anxious throughout the ad, including when she looks at the man for approval at the end.

Cynics on Twitter TWTR,
and Facebook FB,
ridiculed the spot as a new episode of “Black Mirror”, or a “one year fitness journey for a 116 lb woman to become a 112 lb woman”.

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But the “husband of the peloton” is actually an aspiring actor and elementary school teacher named Sean Hunter, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. And now he’s afraid his big breakup will shatter both of his careers.

He said Psychology today that while the publicity was well received by friends and family at first, they started to back down once the backlash hit the fan.

“A few comments from my friends came in and the general consensus was that it was great, with one even mentioning, ‘I always knew you would make it big,’” he says. “But a few days ago everything changed.”

As the ad racked up several thousand “thumbs down” votes and social media and media began to criticize the video, his friends, he says, fell silent. Well, except for the one who texted him to tell him that he had become “a symbol of patriarchy”. He also became a meme.

As Hunter told “Good Morning America” ​​on Friday morning, “People took a pretty dark path and it turned into an unpleasant thing … My image is associated with sexism, patriarchy, abuse, to these words I see people writing about me – it’s not who I am.

“My 5 seconds of airtime created an array of malicious comments which are all associated with my face.”

Indeed, many complaints against the controversial advertising targeted her character in particular, such as a viral tweet Having said that, “Absolutely 100% chance that the husband in the Peloton ad is abusive.”

Vice Writer Katie Way added that the character of the woman in the ad “would rather be somewhere else in the world than here, in her icy house with the husband she hates”.

Shooting the commercial had been “a wonderful time,” Hunter said, and his acting coach gave him positive marks for his performance – but now he fears the repercussions of becoming one of the two faces of the commercial.

“I’m currently sitting here hoping that I can continue to audition for spotless ads, and that if my students find the ad and recognize me, they won’t think of me any differently than they already know me,” , he told Psychology Today, “If recognized on the streets, what will be the first opinions of people on me?”

But he admits that the actress who played his wife probably has it worse. “I’m thinking about what my co-actress has to face, because she represents the other 25 seconds of the story,” he says.

This story was originally published on December 6.


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