Peter David’s Supergirl Was Canceled Before Going In A Bold New Direction


In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out how Peter David super girl had a brand new direction pushed on it.. right before it was canceled

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In response to a request from the editorial staff, Peter David has set a whole new direction for super girl #81… before the book was canceled at super girl #80



In 1996, Peter David pioneered an entirely new take on Supergirl, where the then-current version of Supergirl (a shapeshifting alien from an alternate universe) merged with a female human named Linda Danvers, with the result that Linda could now shapeshift. in Supergirl, only now there were certain other new powers that this version of Supergirl would have that seemed to be tied to a religious background (with Supergirl as some sort of angel on Earth). I covered the first issue last year for its 25th anniversary.

After 50 issues, David (he started on the book with Gary Frank as artist before Leonard Kirk became the series’ longtime artist) revamped the character, now basing the character design on the version Supergirl’s current Superman Animated Series, with the powers becoming much simpler and not angel-based…

However, it’s obviously hard to sustain ANY comic book series for that long, because it’s almost like a comic book series (outside, like the MAIN superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man) is launched with its fate always being canceled eventually, so David had to come up with a lot of clever ideas to keep the show going.

In super girl #75 he kicked off a really cool story (with new artist Ed Benes) about Supergirl meeting a Supergirl named Kara from another universe who is basically the Pre-Crisis Supergirl…

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YEARS ago, in an old Legends Revealed comic, I wrote about how David at the time offered DC to turn the book into a team-up series, titled Supergirls. I quoted David as noting:

“When I first got into the story, the powers that be told me I could use Kara for six issues. That was it. Six issues, no more. opinion. Because I was sure that the addition of Kara would attract readers in droves. What I hoped was that the support and interest in the series would be so great, so undeniable, so impossible to ignore, that I might use this as ammunition to convince the PTB to change their minds and allow me to keep the character around. If that had happened, my intention was to turn the book into, effectively, a team book. The “S” equivalent of “Birds of Prey”. Linda would have been Superwoman (for lack of a better name), Kara would have been officially Supergirl, and I would have brought Power Girl to boot. tone of the book would have been just plain fun – three super blondes going on adventures.In my best case really insane scé nario, I would have subtitled the book “Blonde Justice.” That was my plan “A.” Unfortunately, the lack of support up front torpedoed it. If we had seen the kind of support for issue 75 that we ended up getting with issue 80, and built from there, I might have been able to do this. As it was, I was not.

However, even after Kara was disbarred…

David still had a new plan, which was kind of pushed to him by the DC editorial.

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David noted on his site a few years ago“DC’s diktat was that I had to start over with issue 81. The constant and relentless knock on the book was that it was too complicated for newcomers to follow (nor were DC titles such as ‘Sandman “were, of course, but when you don’t bother backing up a series with trade paperbacks these days, that’s the flack you get) and they wanted me to start over with the series. So the issue 81 was going to see a total relocation for the character, an all-new script, and a new supporting cast, which I agreed to…and then I blew the boat up from under me while writing the final Leesburg script.

So while he was preparing for #81 to revamp the series, #80 instead happened to be the last number in the run…

It was such a shame, because it was a really good comic book series.


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