Pineapple Kid is a new Game Boy game launched in time for Christmas


The Game Boy may be over 30 years old at this point, but Nintendo’s solid brick of wonder has been seeing a resurgence of late.

We’ve seen several studios try their luck with new releases for the system over the past year – Infinity, Tales of Monsterland, The Year After, and Goodboy Galaxy from GBA all come to mind – and this latest effort from Bitmap Soft continues the trend.

Pineapple Kid, which was developed by two brothers, is a puzzle game with maze-like levels to explore. You will have to collect keys to progress in its 70 levels, in order to get the best possible score as you go. There is even a story attached:

The game tells the story of Pineapple Kid, a brave pineapple who lives in a faraway land where pineapples lead happy lives. Pineapples have always dreamed of having a happier life in a place called Pineapple Paradise. The legendary tower that can grant passage to Pineapple Paradise is said to appear once every 100 years, but no one has dared to challenge the tower, so the legend has become just a tale. Until one day Pineapple Kid got up and made a trip to the Tower. This time the player (you!) Can help Pineapple Kid reach Pineapple Paradise!

Pre-orders for a physical yellow basket, playable on the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, will be available tomorrow, October 16, and shipping will take place just in time for Christmas. If you want a copy you can find it for £ 40 here.

Will you add it to your collection?


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