Playful Batman Variation # 118 Pays Homage to Iconic Spider-Man Cover by Todd McFarlane


DC’s December 2021 solicitations come as something of a surprise – fun and varied cover in homage to the iconic Todd McFarlane Spider-Man # 1 from 1990 cover by artist Viktor Bogdanovic for Batman # 118 of December 7.

The 1-25 variant not only recreates the iconic pose that McFarlane himself recreated for a cover of Spawn a few years later, but also includes other surprising elements.

It took us a few seconds here at Newsarama to register DC’s included its iconic old bullet logo to help complete the retro-tribute vibe, and it also includes nods to the now-also-iconic Comics Code Authority logo and a recognition from McFarlane himself in the artist’s credit box.

Add to that the reconfigured Batman logo to look like the Spider-Man logo and the question mark in the “Brand New Collector’s Item Number?” homage to the iconic ’70s-90s Marvel cover bar and its adaptation of Spider-Man # 1, and the cover is both somewhat haphazard and overtly playful, two words you don’t normally associate with often deliberate and very conscious of the DC brand.

Here’s a look at the two covers side by side (which you can click to expand) for full effect.

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Batman # 118

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Spider-Man # 1

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At first glance, Batman # 118 doesn’t appear to have a specific connection to Spider-Man # 1 or McFarlane, other than the brief history of the creator drawing Detective Comics in 1987. It seems Bogdanovic simply wanted to pay homage to his artist. prefer.

“After my art hero @Todd_McFarlane, Bogdanovic wrote in a tweet on Friday. “I can’t tell you how many hours I spent drooling on his legendary Spidey blanket as a kid. I’m so glad I got to do this. The coolest tribute I’ve ever had. never drawn, that’s for sure. “

Does Batman # 118 begin writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina’s indefinite run on the title, so maybe he could one day become collectible?

Regardless, the cover was somewhat enjoyable to check out among the dozens of new December footage given how out of character it is for DC. Hoping the publisher will have more fun like this in the future.

Look for DC’s full solicitations in December 2021 at 12 p.m. ET on Friday, September 17 here at Newsarama.

And speaking of Todd McFarlane, the creator recently told us about his new titles Spawn and what it can do that DC and Marvel can’t.


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