Port Stanley beaches open just in time for regional heat warning


LONDON, ONT. – A heat warning remains in place for southern Ontario on Sunday, as temperatures soared throughout the weekend.

With the lifting of the stay-at-home order, the beach was the hotspot for cooling off.

Sunday, many took the opportunity to take refuge from the heat on the beaches of Port Stanley.

“It’s really hot and the weather is wonderful … I think people are going to be at the beach more than ever because there is nothing else to do,” said Ahmed Zabian, a swimmer.

Port Stanley local Ross Hepburn is scrutinizing Sunday’s participation.

“It’s busy. It’s probably the busiest day of this year.”

At first glance, it appears that the beaches are teeming with people with few physical distancing measures applied.

But footage of drones capturing views over the beach shows a different perspective – more spacing between groups visible.

Port Stanley beach seen from above (Source: Paul Redman)

“When you look from here it looks crowded, but if you walk on the beach it’s over 6 feet between people,” says Hepburn.

“We are happy that they are using the beach as long as it is safe to do so.”

Central Elgin Mayor Sally Martyn says if you’re visiting the beach it’s important to follow the rules, only visiting members of the same household and keeping your distance from others.

“I don’t watch them, they have to do it pretty much on their own. They have to do things safely because we want everyone to be able to enjoy it.”

Martyn says four city officials will inspect the beach using an educational approach to detect any wrongdoing.

She adds that there are only a limited number of parking spaces available for beach visitors and that the OPP is issuing tickets to those who park illegally.

“You really have no way of controlling the numbers, but it’s important that the people who come in follow the safety rules, and overall last year they did and I guess they will do so this year so that they have the right to use the beach. “


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