Report says restaurants are struggling to make it ‘worth it’ for customers


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Year-over-year sales and traffic for all restaurant segments continue to slow, according to new data from Black Box Intelligence. Meanwhile, restaurants are looking for ways to provide their customers with a worthwhile experience in order to get them in.

Inflation strains consumer budgets and bank accounts, making them even more value sensitive. Consumers want to know what they are getting for food and experience versus what they are paying for.

Data from Black Box Guest Intelligence reveals that for restaurants that rated “greatly priced,” “affordable,” and “worth it,” they also tended to receive the highest average ratings from customers. Alternatively, mentions of “charge”, “pay”, “too expensive”, “waste money” and “not worth it” tend to get the lowest average ratings in online reviews.

But it’s more than just price, it’s the total restaurant experience. In the limited-service and full-service segments, customers tend to provide the highest stars for “delicious” and “fresh” food, “friendly” service, and a “clean” environment. On the other side of the sentiment spectrum, ‘waiting’ time for food and ‘small’ portions significantly lowered ratings.

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