Ron Marz, Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi announce graphic novel “Resolution”


Writers Ron Marz (The Green Lantern) and Andy Lanning (guardians of the galaxy) team up with artist Rick Leonardi (Gold Booster / The Flintstones) launch Resolution, described as the first installment of a new cosmic saga. The trio launched pre-orders for the book on Zoop, a comic-book-focused crowdfunding site, with a goal of $ 25,000. In less than a day, the campaign reached over $ 2,900, more than 10% of its goal. Familiar creators bring fans a new character and less-than-familiar concept, like Resolution is the latest creator-owned title to move into crowdfunding from Marz and a stable of creators he has worked with at Ominous Press in recent years.

You can pre-order the book now on Zoop. here’s how Resolution is described on the official crowdfunding page.

Zoop’s comic-centric platform allows them to retain full ownership of their property, while also allowing readers to be an integral part of the creation of the story. With your help, we can make it happen!

RESOLUTION is the story of Xaan Maddox, a legendary member of the Outer Space Hero Corps known as The Resolute. Now retired, Xaan Maddox has retreated to a distant world in solitude. After leaving THE RESOLUTE to live in retirement in a distant world, she takes care of the gravity-floating seas, catching fish for a living. It’s the simple, lonely life that she wants.

But former comrades arrive and attempt to recruit her to don the exosuit again, so they can bring an alien warlord who is Xaan’s former nemesis to justice. What follows forces Xaan to confront his own past and puts the entire universe in mortal danger.

THE RESOLUTE is a cosmic peacekeeping force, with members recruited from a vast array of worlds, administered by mysterious alien species known as THE HILT. RESOLUTE agents are called BLADES.

Once recruited, young cadets undergo the process, during which they are bound with an exo-costume, fitted with skin-jacks integrated into the base of the neck, spine, wrists and ankles. The exosuit is part of every recruit, remaining bound for life. The exosuit can be summoned at will, generated by skin jacks.

The suits transmute the cosmic energy called dark matter, providing the ability to survive the vacuum of space, super strength and resilience, and the ability to generate energy weapons and explosions. The BLADES have protected the universe time and time again. Xaan Maddox was the tallest of them. Maybe she will be again …

The book is expected to be delivered in March 2022.


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