Royal Dutch Gazelle launches new 28 MPH electric bike just in time for summer weekends


What would summer be without these short weekends in the car that recharge our batteries? Speaking of batteries, electric bikes are becoming one of the best ways to travel because they are comfortable, affordable and reliable. See it for yourself with the new Gazelle Ultimate C380 +, a product that everyone will love that combines high technology with beautiful design.

Well-established bicycle manufacturer Royal Dutch Gazelle, one of the best known in the Netherlands, has chosen the perfect time to launch a new model that is both practical and easy to maintain. Its first fast bike (class 3) to be equipped with an Enviolo trekking hub and a belt drive, the C380 + is more of a touring bike, but also reveals a nervous and sporty side.

First of all, it is a good choice if you are looking for speed. As a Class 3 model, this particular Gazelle comes with powerful assistance at 28 mph (45 km / h) and delivers 85 Nm of torque. If you’re up for a weekend adventure, this bike has you covered, thanks to the Bosch Performance Line Speed ​​motor and built-in 500 Wh battery. This means more support over long distances, being able to reach high speeds faster and enjoying the feeling of a more dynamic ride. You’ll almost feel like you’re riding a sports bike, but it’s still easy to handle and safe.

For a more relaxed experience, the latest Gazelle Ultimate is upgraded with an Enviolo trekking hub that offers a 380% gear range. Not only does this make shifting smoother and quieter, it is also low maintenance. The same goes for the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, first mounted on a Gazelle Class 3 bike.

You also need better control to achieve that high speed, which is why the C380 + comes with a front suspension fork with 3.1 ” (80mm) travel and 4 piston brakes that work perfectly. with the minimalist design of the frame. And, if you want to pack extra things for your road trip, just take advantage of the 27 kg (60 lb) rear rack with integrated elastic.

The Dutch company has yet to give details on pricing, but the Gazelle Ultimate C380 + will arrive by mid-July.


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