Sam Haine and John Livesay on the slow city blues | The journey for a first-time comic book maker [Exclusive Interview]


Beyond the diverse and artistic stories that we find in comics, what I love about them is the creative teams that bring them together. Whether at DC, Marvel or an independent publisher, behind every book is a group of passionate individuals. Writers, artists, and publishers work together to bring us stories that sometimes end up on the big screen or on television. The dream of becoming a comic book creator can be tiresome and a labor of love. But it is an adventure that many venture into and never look back.

Writer / creator Sam Haine has been on this journey for quite some time now. His graphic novel is called Slow city blues. His team is made up of Shawn Moll with pencils. John Livesay is the Artist Coordinator, Inker and Finisher. David Baron on colors and Thomas Mauer on letters and production. Last but not least, Arisha Mann Cooper.

Slow city blues began in 2013 after Haine was turned down for a writing job at a video game company. While living off food stamps and waiting tables, Haine saved enough to order his first set of sample pages. From there he met Livesay, who loved the story but recognized that the work needed direction. From there, they assembled an impressive art team for the interiors and covers.

Here’s the synopsis for Slow City Blues:

SLOW CITY BLUES is an ongoing series that follows Detective John Loris, who is trapped in his imagination after a horrific accident caused him to attempt suicide. John instead finds himself in Slow City, a construction of his mind’s eye, a place where anything is possible – except an exit. There he must fight his deeply rooted inner demons and examine who he really was before entering this purgatory.

In Slow City, John is vilified and feared as “The Trigger Man”, responsible for everyone’s existence. There, he does the only thing he knows how to do: solve crimes, along with his partner (now a six-foot-six clever skunk called “Moof”). With his wife and son waiting in the real world, and his subconscious conspiring to keep him trapped in his imagination forever, John must overcome the worst parts of himself and conquer death, in his quest to find out if he is. worthy of enlightenment and happiness. – or if it is beyond salvation.

LRM onlineEmmanuel Gomez had the privilege of presenting in preview Slow city blues. It was a very well paced and intriguing question. This draws the reader to each panel, and the scenes slowly begin to blossom in the weird world where we’ll be following John and Moof. It’s definitely different from most of the other books on the stands.


In addition to the book presentation, we also spoke to Sam Haine and John Livesay. We talk about all things Slow city blues. Including the characters, the story and some of the artist’s decisions. Along with that, we also talk about the challenges of writing your first comic book. From the perspective of the aspiring writer and veteran who has already been in the industry for years. It’s a great conversation and an even better book! You can check out the full conversation below!

Slow city blues is available now for pre-order on Zoop. This is a first turnkey solution organized for comic book creators. Zoop provides everything from marketing, fulfillment, shipping and post-campaign services.


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