Service package for supermarket franchise


Service package for supermarket franchise

Once the zenith of success is reached, there is an important turning point in the journey of every supermarket business. It is the awareness of the need to go further. For supermarket businesses considering business growth and expansion, YRC offers a comprehensive service package for supermarket business franchising. With over eight years of retail consulting experience, YRC caters to a multitude of industries with clients around the world. An overview of the franchise consulting services provided by YRC is presented in this release.

Formulation of the expansion strategy

The right expansion strategy is the primary consideration for a supermarket business that aims to expand through the franchise route. It basically responds to the “how” of expansion. Large global brands generally opt for the master franchise strategy. Sometimes it makes more sense to collaborate and get more deeply involved with distribution channels. What constitutes the right strategy will vary depending on the long-term goals of growth and sustainability of the business. YRC helps supermarkets assess and develop the best expansion strategy for their business. YRC maintains that a diversified strategy works better than relying on a single mode of expansion.

Development of the franchise business plan

Since financial assessments and projections are done at the time of starting a new business, such a business feasibility analysis is also required for business growth and expansion plans. Developing a franchise business plan ( ), YRC assesses the viability of the expansion project from a commercial or financial point of view. In doing so, YRC undertakes a thorough assessment of critical financial elements such as capital investment, operating expenses, income projections, income statements, ROI calculation, break-even analysis, etc. . These financial assessments reveal at a very early stage whether the expansion strategy and its implementation require any improvisation.

Support for franchise marketing and the search for franchise partners

YRC helps franchisors develop a strong marketing strategy for the franchise business covering partner search and background checks, pricing strategies, offerings, budgeting, etc. The positioning of a supermarket business as a brand has vital implications for how eligible and potential franchisees will perceive it. YRC maintains that UVP ( ) and brand positioning are two factors that they do not take lightly. An important consideration in running a franchise is working with the right partners. This can be compared to partnerships or corporate collaborations. If the partner is not right, the partnership is highly prone to disappointment.

Franchise contract

Franchising is a form of alliance where two companies come together to carry out a common activity. In order to ensure that the goals and objectives of this trade agreement are met and to ensure the commitment to fulfill the due roles and responsibilities, franchise agreements are signed by both parties to express their sincere intentions to exercise the ‘business under a set of agreed terms and conditions. YRC helps companies write these franchise agreements ( ) with the greatest diligence and completeness. These contracts and trade agreements act as insurance when either party fails to deliver. It is best to avoid situations that give rise to the use of this last resort.

POS development

Once the business and functional strategies are conclusively defined, the next step is operational planning. This is where the business processes and operations of the franchise are defined and mapped. This brings clarity and certainty on how the business of the franchise business is to be conducted. It serves as a common benchmark for the franchisor and franchisee to compare actual performance with expected performance at any stage of any process or operation. POS Development ( ) is one of YRC’s flagship services. YRC’s skills, expertise and highly competent practices assist in the development of franchise operating manuals.

Franchise audit

Despite knowing the importance of auditing, audits that take place in the real world are often marred by a lack of planning and implementation. YRC seeks to resolve this issue and achieve many other audit control objectives with its services. YRC designs and develops robust audit processes aimed at helping clients obtain a thorough and insightful assessment of their franchise business operations. SOPs are used to define audit processes to ensure that audit activities are initiated and completed on time, that appropriate responsibility and responsibilities are assigned to the stakeholders involved, that documents to be reviewed are identified in advance, that physical verification procedures are established and that performance standards are met from start to finish.

As a specialist consulting firm, YRC can offer its clients the much-needed dedication and commitment in the delivery of its services. Franchisors and franchisees can either opt for all the services or choose the service (s) according to their needs.

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YRC is a management consulting firm, specifically for the British Columbia sector.
Our expertise lies in the design of standard operating procedures (SOPs), franchise development, strategy and operations services, process audits and training.
We help companies organize their operations and grow through best management practices.

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