Some facts readers might not know about the new Geiger comic


The new Geiger comic has caused quite a stir among comic book fans. The tale follows a father with mysterious radioactive powers as he wanders a post-apocalyptic Nevada landscape.

As readers explore the intriguing plot of this new series, here are some details they may not yet know about the comic and its creators.

The writer shares certain qualities with the main character

Writer Geoff Johns makes a compelling character in Tariq Geiger, but the two have more in common than readers realize. Like the writer who created it, Geiger is partly Arab. He’s also a devoted father, and the writer likely drew on his own experiences when he wrote about the character’s love for his missing family.

The creators have already teamed up

The writer and artist behind Geiger have already worked together very successfully. While the two have individually created popular works with DC Comics, they have worked together on the Doomsday Clock limited comic series. This series is a fan favorite, and many comic book readers were thrilled to hear that the team was working together again. In fact, the writer and artist started working on Geiger right after finishing Doomsday Clock. Based on the overall positive reception of this new collaboration, the couple more than lived up to expectations.

The story draws its inspiration from the places

The creators of Geiger found inspiration for the story and illustrations in many notable works, including True Grit, The Hills Have Eyes, 2000 AD, and Mad Max. The influence of these stories is apparent in the violent and brutal script, the expressive art style, and the warm, faded color palette.

Other characters from the Image Comics publisher’s lineup have influenced Geiger’s story as well, with the writer drawing inspiration from both Spawn and Savage Dragon.

Creators chose Image Comics for creative freedom

Although the writer and artist are both known for their work for DC Comics, including Batman: Three Jokers, Superman, and Supergirl, they chose Image Comics for their collaboration on Geiger, citing the story. of the publisher in supporting creators. full creative expression.

The first issues sold out quickly

Readers were certainly excited about this promising new story, and the first issue sold out quickly after its debut. The third issue was also sold out, leading publisher Image Comics to order a reprint.

The creators wanted to create something new

While they love the work they’ve done in the established Marvel and DC universes, the creators of Geiger wanted to create a new character and a new world that had never been explored.

The story takes place in and near Vegas

A barren landscape after a nuclear war is a popular setting for many stories, and a new perspective is needed to distinguish Geiger from many similar stories. It delivers by centering the narrative around a crumbling Las Vegas, where criminal factions clash for control of the crumbling city.

Geiger takes inspiration from familiar tropes but brings new twists and turns that are already thrilling comic book fans. With its fascinating characters and excellent art, this series is sure to appeal to audiences looking for a gritty and intriguing story.

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