Spawn’s Todd McFarlane says reboot won’t rehash same origin story


Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has said the upcoming reboot movie won’t rehash the antihero comic book origin story.

Comic book writer / artist Todd McFarlane, creator of Image Comics’ Spawn, revealed in an exclusive interview with CBR that the iconic anti-hero’s planned reboot film will do more than just rehash the story of origin that fans already know.

“I didn’t want to make the comic book origin story from numbers 1 through 3 of the movie,” McFarlane said. “We were looking for people, without even telling them that, to give something a little different. Sadly, 80 to 90 percent of them, depending on the other person involved who interviewed them for the most part, fell into the trap of telling the story of the comic book in the movie. We saw this movie. This movie was released over 20 years ago from New Line. So what haven’t we seen that would be interesting and relevant today, both in terms of filmmaking and social content. “

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McFarlane refers to the 1997 film adaptation of Spawn, which was directed by Mark AZ Dippé and starred Michael Jai White in the title role. The planned Spawn the reboot is expected to be led by McFarlane himself, with Destroyed city screenwriter Brian Tucker is currently writing the script. When asked what made Tucker stand out, McFarlane replied, “Well that wasn’t just my decision. There are a handful of other people working there that we don’t have. not yet announced. “

He continued, “One of the people working on it: It will be a big name when we can finally announce it. I think he said he had gone through almost a hundred scripts by as many people. that he could. We were ideally looking for someone who could bring a voice to the character on two levels: I’m just a white Canadian kid. I haven’t lived the life of a man in America. someone with dark skin. get someone’s point of view that has, someone with that point of view coming in and adding a slightly different bent to what you and I, as comic book readers, already know what Spawn is talking about. “

McFarlane has planned a new Spawn film for several years now, with the reboot – expected to be his directorial debut – currently in development at Blumhouse Productions, with Jason Blum in production. Before Tucker joined the project, McFarlane was scheduled to write the film in addition to directing. At one point, Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were cast as Spawn and Twitch Williams, respectively, although it’s unclear at this time if they’re still committed to the project.

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