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Today is National Caesar Day and we don’t think it was the Thursday before the long weekend was just a coincidence. Made with a blend of tomato juice, clam broth, Worcestershire sauce, and vodka (and of course, a little hot sauce), Victoria Day just wouldn’t be the same without one of these delicious drinks in hand. Here are some tips to make sure your Caesars are the best (or easiest) Caesars!

Caesar presses are easy

Look, you’ve been working hard all week and it’s time to sit back and relax. Who needs to spend all that extra time making a drink when you can do it easily? Caesar cable gland make it incredibly easy to make a great drink. Just squeeze a little into your favorite juice / vodka combo and, like that, more time to relax and enjoy.

Choose the right vodka

If you want to make an iconic Canadian drink, you have to make it with Canadian ingredients! If there’s one thing you need to make great vodka, it’s clean, pure water and Canada certainly has no shortage of it. If you want the best of the best right here in Ontario, you can’t go wrong with Vodka Flyte, Georgian Bay Spirit Co., or The Beattie Distillers.

Garnish like a pro

While what goes into a Caesar isn’t much of a debate, what to garnish can be as varied as who does it! You can’t go wrong with classic celery or a lime wedge, but this is your chance to get creative. Dill pickle? Sure. Asparagus? Of course. All the foregoing? Don’t worry if we do. For us, we love to cook a few pieces of crispy bacon for our Caesars, the sky is the limit!

Turn up the fire

For those of you who like to give your Caesar a little boost, let us introduce you Terry’s Unique Hot Sauces. Whether you just love a little tingle or want to be panting with no sensation in your lips, tongue, and face when your drink is empty, Terry has delicious hot sauces (and even a Caesar mix!) That will get you fix. quickly yourself a second drink.

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