Spider-Verse Hero Spider-Punk is Ready to Rumble in Neon Fan Art


One of the many variations of Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Punk looks ready to rumble in an all-new piece of neon fan art.

Ever since fans’ eyes were opened to the nearly endless versions of Spider Man Throughout the Marvel Comics Multiverse, a number of Spider heroes have continually popped up across the spider worms including Spider Punk who looks ready to rumble in neon fan art. The Spider-Verse reached its climax with the release of the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but the idea of ​​infinite variations of Spider-Man has been around in the comics for quite some time. One of those Spider heroes, Spider-Punk, has appeared on more than one occasion and in more than one form of media and is now featured front and center in brand new fan art.


Hobart Brown aka Spider-Punk made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 by Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Olivier Coipel. This issue falls into a storyline in which an evil family known as the Inheritors roams the multiverse, feasting on variations of Spider-Man. In an effort to stop the villains’ reign of terror, Spider-Punk is recruited to fight the multiversal slaughter of his kind. Spider-Punk’s costume is depicted much like Peter Parker’s Spider-Man with a few key differences. A spiked mohawk on top of Spider-Punk’s head and a patched denim vest worn over the costume with a spiked belt along the waist layer over the classic Spider-Man outfit.

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In a Reddit post by user CizgiNeon, the artist took all the aspects of Spider-Punk that make the character so visually stunning, and upped the ante by making the artwork totally neon. The image features Spider-Punk staring directly at the viewer from the room, as if preparing to rumble, surrounded by a neon border while being entirely neon himself. The Spider-Man variant artist also put his own stamp on the piece, quite literally. As a crest on Spider-Punk’s denim vest, CizgiNeon is written on the chest pocket.

With this latest piece of Spider-Punk media, the character has had another layer of interpretation added to his fictional resume, right alongside the comic book and video game adaptations. Many fans will recognize Spider-Punk from Sony’s PlayStation 4 Spider Man video game. Spider-Punk was one of the costumes available to players, giving them the chance to traverse New York as the punkiest variant of Spider-Man across the Spider-Verse.

From a comic book origin to a video game adaptation, Spider-Punk has reigned as one of the undeniably coolest variants of Spider-Man, and this latest piece of neon fan art only adds to that. reputation. Although it’s unclear whether or not Spider-Punk will receive a film adaptation with the release of the upcoming movie. Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse Part One, fans can get their fill of the character from her previous appearances, including this latest one from the artistic genius behind the fan art. A die Spider Man hero of the spider worms, Spider Punkis ready to rumble in all-new neon fan art that perfectly encapsulates the character’s punk side with a stunning neon twist.

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