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American sports leagues are designed to promote parity. The worst teams get the best draft picks to give them the best chance of picking a superstar player who can maybe help turn the franchise around. Meanwhile, the best teams must wait and draft whoever remains.

Despite the editorial system aimed at helping level team positions, some teams manage to stay on top of the league for decades at a time. Whether it’s because of good training, a high payroll or a superstar player at their helm, certain franchises throughout the history of the sport have managed to string together 15 consecutive years or more winning seasons – winning often many championships in the process.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the stories of the franchise teams of the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL on the Sport Family of reference sites to determine the franchises with the most consecutive winning seasons of all time.

Many of the longest winning streaks in American sports history began decades ago. Earlier incarnations of professional sports leagues had far fewer teams, which made it easier for one or two teams to remain dominant. Some of this streak also predates financial restrictions such as salary caps or the luxury tax, which are now the norm in American sports leagues. These rules were put in place to level the playing field and give smaller, less wealthy teams a chance to compete against bigger clubs worth billions of dollars. They are the most valuable sports teams in the world.

Despite those restrictions, a handful of impressive seasons above .500 had just ended or were still underway in July 2021. The San Antonio Spurs and New England Patriots posted their first losing season in 2020 in about two decades. . These disappointing seasons came after unprecedented streaks of success for both franchises, with the Patriots winning six Super Bowls and the Spurs winning five NBA titles in their respective strings – despite often having some of the lowest payrolls. of their league. These are the teams that have won championships on a tight budget.

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