Spy x Family Celebrates Yor x Loid With Viral 90s Makeover


The first court Spy x Family is almost done, and fans are already obsessed with his motley family. It goes without saying that Anya is one of this year’s anime breakouts, but Loid and Yor are holding their own. In fact, the two make for one of the best anime ships these days, and one artist is honoring their romance with a special ’90s homage.

The artwork is courtesy of hanavbara on Twitter, as you can see below. The indie artist did a lot of anime parts in his time, so it was only a matter of when Spy x Family came into the picture. It seems summer was the perfect season to spice up the couple, and their ’90s makeover is beyond adorable.

As you can see, Loid is seen with old-school shojo features, and the aesthetic suits the spy perfectly. Her usual costume combo would make Sailor Moon swoon, but the Guardian would have to get through Yor first. After all, the Thorn Princess is as beautiful as she is deadly. Yor absolutely nails this classic look, so you can see why tens of thousands of fans shared this makeover online.

Whether in canon or fan art, Yor x Loid has become an unsinkable ship. The couple may be in a fake marriage right now, but Spy x Family fans are desperate to see the couple realize their true feelings for each other. And when that happens, well – Anya could end up with a little brother down the line!

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If you haven’t met the Forger family yet, you can catch up on their adventures right now. Crunchyroll is streaming Season 1 of Spy x Family with new episodes uploaded every week. As for the manga, Viz Media is overseeing the series in the US, and its latest chapter just went live last weekend!

What do you think of this old-school version of Loid x Yor? are you obsessed with it Spy x Family couple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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