SupraFin has partnered with Gemini to act as an exchange and custody provider for SupraFin customers


DOVER, Del., October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SupraFine provides a smart app with institutional-like background investment algorithms that assess the relative value of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and recommend the most appropriate as part of a diversified portfolio based on the risk profile preferences of the customer.

The app allows anyone interested in cryptocurrencies to invest with as little as $ 100 while benefiting from a sophisticated investment solution. The SupraFin iOS app, launched in the United States in mid-September 2021, is available for download via the Apple App Store.

Situated at Dover, Delaware, SupraFin was created by professionals with over 15 years of experience in cryptocurrencies, risk models, complex investment products, portfolio management, trading, quantitative analysis and development of software.

SupraFin was founded by Liliana reasor, who spent over 20 years in corporate finance as an executive at JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Moody’s Analytics. She is a thought leader in Cryptocurrencies and Fintech and has participated in over 30 crypto / blockchain events as a speaker around the world. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a Masters in Computer Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

SupraFin has attracted the best advisers and investors in the financial sector. Joachim Sonne, the former co-head of investment banking EMEA Technology, Media and Telecoms at JP Morgan, joined two years ago as Board Advisor and Investor at SupraFin. Craig dewar, a serial FinTech entrepreneur and former investment banking professional from JP Morgan, among others, joined this year as a board advisor and investor at SupraFin.

SupraFin’s unique proposition: helping individuals invest like professionals.

There are many risks to consider when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Most people know about market risk; risk derived from losses due to unfavorable market movements. However, there are other risks to consider in an investment process due to market inefficiencies.

The SupraFin app helps clients gain greater exposure to higher long-term returns while minimizing risk. The investment algorithms behind the SupraFin application take into account all types of risks, provide diversification and target an investment horizon of one year or more.

The SupraFin app is easy to use and in the background uses level one crypto exchanges to perform trading.

The app shows customers a recommended wallet, which they can edit or purchase with one click. So, it’s simple to use. In the background, cryptocurrency trading is carried out by the application programming interfaces of level one cryptocurrency exchanges. One of these exchanges is Gemini, which acts not only as a stock exchange but also as a custodial organization for SupraFin clients.

Founded in 2014 by two of the most well-known names in crypto, twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Gemini is a new York trust company governed by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Dave abner, Global Head of Business Development, Gemini, commented on the launch of SupraFin:

“We are excited to fuel SupraFin’s vision of offering diversified crypto portfolios based on risk profile preferences. As part of our mission to empower the individual through crypto, Gemini is the leading provider of institutional solutions for those who wish to offer innovative digital asset investment deals. “

SupraFin app recommends crypto wallets based on client risk preferences and continuously monitors client portfolio risk.

Not all people who invest in cryptocurrencies have the same tolerance for risk. Therefore, the SupraFin app recommends portfolios that offer different risk exposures.

Once clients have created a portfolio, the app continuously monitors the risk of the portfolio and warns them to rebalance.

The other advantages of using the app are liquidity and transparency. Customers can withdraw their cryptocurrencies and liquidate their wallets at any time. In addition, customers can see the actual cryptocurrencies in their wallets.

SupraFin’s investment models are off to a good start.

SupraFin beta users have seen their portfolio value increase by 700% * since november 2020.

US iOS app users wishing to use the SupraFin app can download the app through the Apple App Store.

Notes: * Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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