Sweet Valley Twins Returns to Graphic Novel Series in November (Exclusive)


In an exclusive announcement, the NYT Sweet Valley Twins bestselling novels are being adapted by Random House Graphics into a graphic novel series.

Random House’s Beloved Sweet Valley Twins The book series is getting a graphic novel makeover thanks to Random House Graphics. Dating from 1983, Sweet Valley Twins originally appeared as a spin-off of Sweet Valley High which quickly turned into a hit New York Times series in its own right. The pop culture staple of the 80s and 90s centers on Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, identical twin sisters who navigate their friendships, relationships, and other surrounding drama at Sweet Valley Middle School in California.

Now, from November, Sweet Valley Twins will be told in a series of graphic novels. Each graphic novel will serve as an adaptation of four books from Francine Pascal’s original series, and will see the twins face adventures centered around friendship, school, crushes and other relatable storylines for young adult readers. .


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Screenwriter Nicole Andelfinger (Lumberjanes: A Midsummer Night’s Plan) and artist Claudia Aguirre (Lost on Planet Earth) will take up the torch to introduce a new generation of pre-teens Sweet Valley Twins through this new series of graphic novels. The graphic novels themselves will arrive in digital stores and local comic stores starting with the first graphic novel, Sweet Valley Twins: Best Friends, on November 1, 2022, and a second, Sweet Valley Twins: The Professor’s Pet coming in 2023. The book is available for pre-order now at Random penguin house.

Sweet Valley Twins

Sweet Valley Twins will see Jessica and Elizabeth face the trials of middle school. But as each girl explores her own identity – with Elizabeth starting a school newspaper and Jessica seeking membership in an exclusive student club – their relationship will face strains that the best friends will have to overcome. Sweet Valley designer Francine Pascal expressed her enthusiasm for the return of the franchise, saying:

I have such love for Sweet Valley and all the amazing adventures I’ve been able to take with Jessica and Elizabeth. And now, graphic novels are our new adventure. It’s so much fun to see my characters practically alive! Nicole and Claudia did an amazing job, and I’m very happy to work with them.

It’s also not new territory for Andelfinger, who expressed his adoration for the original series in a Penguin Random House press release:

I absolutely remember devouring Sweet Valley Twins when I was a pre-teen and felt like I couldn’t get enough of the drama, the shenanigans, and of course the sisters who end up supporting each other. Being able to take the twins into the modern era has been an absolute joy. I can’t wait for a new generation of tweens to fall in love with Jessica, Elizabeth and their friends!

Meanwhile, GLAAD Media and Eisner Award-nominated artist Claudia Aguirre acknowledges how important the series has been to longtime followers, saying:

Sweet Valley Twins is a series that meant a lot to so many people. I loved bringing Jessica and Elizabeth to life in these graphic novels for new and old fans, and I hope everyone loves them as much as I do!

Those who are genuinely longtime fans of the original series should rest assured that this new creative team seems dedicated to doing the source material justice. Judging by the quotes from Andelfinger and Aguirre, the creative team behind this graphic novel revival were either fans themselves, or they did their best to capture the spirit of the original books. , while adapting. Sweet Valley Twins feel accessible and relevant to today’s reader.

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Sweet Valley Twins: Best Friends is available for pre-order from Random penguin houseavailable November 1.

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