Taylor Trammell is back just in time for the Seattle Mariners


Just as we thought the Mariners were starting to recover, the team suffered another injury with Kyle Lewis falling due to a meniscus tear in his knee. To fill the gap in the outfield, the Mariners called on Taylor Trammell.

It wasn’t that long ago that the team sent him to AAA, picking him up in Tacoma on May 13. Trammell had struggled in the Majors until that point, hitting just 0.157 with 41 strikeouts in 86 batting appearances.

Once at AAA, he started to crush the ball. In just 80 at-bat, he hit .384 with six homers, seven doubles and produced 19 RBIs. After making a little adjustment on his arrival, Trammell certainly had a great opportunity to regain his confidence as he heads to the Mariners. More importantly, he slashed his strikeout rate from 43.2% to 21.3%.

Taylor Trammell started her second stint of the season with flying colors for the Mariners.

He played in the June 1 game against the Oakland Athletics, entering left field with Kelenic passing through center. After lining up a ball in the middle of his first at bat, Trammell found the bases empty in the 4th.

He put a massive charge into the ball, knocking it into right center field for one without a doubt, marking his 5th home run of the year. The bomb would give the Mariners a 4-1 lead. We won’t go into what happened to the Mariners’ pen after Marco came out. I just want to be happy to think of Trammell doing well in his first return leg.

This is a welcome sign for the youngster and could be a great indicator that he is regaining the internal confidence he so badly needs. There’s another bright side to that… that Jake Fraley is also back, not taking any time at all to get back to his normal state that he showed in the first week of the season. If the team can give Trammell, Kelenic and Fraley regular days off, that should help them keep their energy and confidence levels high.

The series finale concludes with the rubber game in Seattle tonight at 7:10 p.m. PST. It will be fun to keep an eye on Trammell and the rest of the crew to see if the offense can continue to slowly climb back to respectability. His first comeback was definitely a good sign.


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